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HDR Clan Tournament

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From HD?R clan we present the ?Christmas tournament 2.011?.

The tournament will be in our new server:

Start day : 15/01/2012

Teams will be formed by 5 players and 2 reseves at most, so 7 players in total. As a free tournament, clans can inscribe more than one team.

Remember that there can be formed free teams, not necessary to be in the same clan.

1. The mod used will be nq, with pb activated in the private server + TS with channels with password determined before the game.
2. Maps to play are chosen between following ones in this way:

Will be played 3 maps and both teams will play in both sides, 6 games in total. Every teams will chose their ?favorite map?, and the third will be a random one from the server between this:

· Special delivery
· Bremen
· Braundorf
· Warbell
· ET Beach Invasion Final 1.1
· Gold Rush
· Siwa oasis
· Adlernest
· Caen
· Frostbite Final
· Supply Depot

In case of a draw, maps will be rotated, without repeating any map, and that map will be played in both sides until a team win two consecutive matches on the same map.


1. Games will be 5 vs 5. If a team appears with less than 5 players they can lose the match, the other team will chose if they want to play 4 vs 5.
2. Games will be in stopwatch mode.
3. Only one panzer allowed per team.
4. Only one rifle-grenade allowed in play (this not limit the number of engineers with rifles, only engineers with rifle-grenade.
5. Following tactics will be considered illegal:
a. Intentionally door blocking on any map.
b. Making weapons reload faster or making recoil disappear.
c. Making disappear any map weather effect if are forbidden in pb adjustments. (for example cg_atmosphericeffects ?0? or r_drawfoliage ?0? are legal).
d. Using any tactic that causes lag or the intromission ?teleport? or the ?simulated packages lose? with the video card to go against the adjustments cvars on Pb. This includes the use of inadequate adjustments of MAXRATE that causes lag.
e. Use of any kind of bug.

Procedure of the games:

1. Viewers are not allow
2. The game will not start until the admin is ready.
3. Admin will stop the game shortly if a player falls of the server or he hangs. The pause can take not more than 5 minutes (enough time to resume and reconnect).
The maxim time on pauses is 10 minutes per map and team. A map will not stop more than 5 times for the same problem on same player. After that, the player will play with his problem or be replaced.
4. Players can stop themselves in case of visible tactical problems. The tactical departures of time are not allowed. Problems with a communication program is not a reason to stop the game.
Admin can unpause immediately if there is not a reason to stop tha game.
5. If the server falls during a game, map will be restarted onlyif the fall is on the first minute. In other cases remaining time will be restored (minimum 2 minutes).

1º Classified
2º Classified
3º Classified

You can register here : http://www.clanhdr.c...hp?topic=1515.0

Thanks and regards! Happy New Year!!

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