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Client side toggle for @ flag to enable/disable incognito mode

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A step in the right direction

I'm not even sure this is possible, but I thought it might be helpful to have either a client side or client adjustable command that could enable/disable the incognito mode.


Some possible scenarios for this I can see being used would be if a suspected hacker enters, an admin could quietly remove his admin from the !list and rename using a name changer. This could also make it easier for admins to hide in plain sight while giving evidence if needed that they were indeed an admin.


I can see some downsides for a command like this but I wanted to get more opinions on wether or not this would be feasible to do or if it was even a wanted option.



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A step in the right direction

I like this idea. We haven't been using the incognito flag because we normally want players to be able to tell if an admin is on the server in case they need to report issues. If there was a way to toggle it on when needed, I agree that it would be very useful for specing a player for hacks.


You can actually accomplish what you describe most of the way by creating a custom level with incognito and setting your level to that one when you need the flag set, but I am not sure you can hide the !setlevel message from showing.


The only problem with the renaming and setting incognito is that if there aren't very many players, someone could easily notice the name change and know who the player is anyways. One possiblility to overcome this would be to disconnect and then reconnect with incognito set (probably needs to be able to be set on the command line so one can make a custom shortcut or something).

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You can also do this with a custom command. The [g] shortcut is replaced with 8 character silEnT GUID.


command  = incognito
exec     = !useredit [g] add @
desc     = Hide admin level
syntax   = 
levels   = 5


Removing the incognito would be:

!useredit [g] remove @




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A step in the right direction

I had not even thought of creating a command to accomplish this. The only downside I can see, as JlasterMind pointed out is you'd need to enable silent commands for the admins with this level to accomplish this. Still this is a good work around and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before.

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