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  1. From my experience, errors parsing menu files have always been a result of not having set the paths correctly. If this is a pure client issue, i.e. happening when connecting to dedicated servers at other locations, that makes this even weirder. I don't remember it happening even once. However, in the log file you have This suggests that the issue would still be not finding the correct ui.mp library file. Based on your command line, you should have the silent-0.9.0.pk3 in the following directory: /usr/lib/etlegacy/silent/ Make sure that is the case. The fs_homepath is relevant only after the game is running, i.e. for XP save, database and such issues but for the sake of testing, you could also try setting it to the same value as fs_basepath. The fs_homepath not being the same as fs_basepath doesn't affect client games at all. The game usually downloads the missing pk3 files from the server if they are not found. Do you have downloads enabled when running silent?
  2. Sounds like a weird bug. Which map is it? Can you reproduce the issue with any custom menus or is the issue specific to this particular menu?
  3. This kind of error is usually a result from not having fs_basepath, fs_homepath etc not set to the correct location. See: https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Installation#Notes
  4. I tested installing the official installer using Wine on Linux. Removed the options for punkbuster and minimizer. Didn't cause a ban. Real PunkBuster does not cause issues with silent AC. Also, minimizer has no reason to detour engine. But can you please check if either option causes it. Or if you still get the ban even without those checked. Also be sure that you don't have some other AC process running you might have installed for ETPro or something. There has been plenty of such programs out there from plenty of sources.
  5. I did investigate by inviting him to my server in private messages. Ban was not found false. The ban was a result of an official 2.60b et.exe on Windows having a detoured function while on a server. BECK if you have encountered potential false bans, we would be interested in hearing about those. Send in a private message if you want to investigate something.
  6. Silent converts all old database versions to a current version. The wrong version error message is there to prevent older server version to corrupt a newer version of database. I think you may have a file path issue. Use rcon to check fs_homepath and fs_basepath to compare the path to the real directory structure. Also, if you have empty database file, please delete it. Just in case it has gotten some off bits from opening it with a text editor. Very small things can change the file enough so that the silent server will try to protect the file from the silent server itself. http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Installation#Advanced
  7. For some reason your server is not handling the idents correctly. The userinfo shows they all have different idents, but the ban file shows they have all 0s. Furthermore, the server is supposed to filter out idents it can't use. Do you have a modified version of the server, a proxy dll for the clients or something else that is custom to your server. I would expect this kind of bug to have happened to a wide range of servers if it wasn't something special.
  8. The crash seems to be happening in the private Anti Cheat the FA clan is using. It is also detected as a cheat by silEnT mod if special care is not taken. It is not part of silEnT mod and I don't have any details of its inner workings.
  9. The mod can detect things that are loaded into the process. For example one OpenGL hack works this way, the dll is dropped to the working directory and it gets automatically loaded instead of the actual one. It doesn't really matter how such a dll ends up in to the working directory. But note that it does not detect hacks from such dll files if they are not loaded by the ET process. The working directory is only relevant here because that is where the servers can make the clients download stuff. To be honest, I don't remember if there are such hacks that can load from silent/etmain directories automatically or if it is possible to make the client download stuff to the working directory with some zip archiving hack. Usually you would want to place such proxying dll files into the directory with the ET.exe. However, it is also possible one would connect to a server with a private AC that would install some background service which could hook the ET executable everytime it is launched and could be detected by the silent mod AC.
  10. Every bug is reproducible. There are no magic things happening. It is acceptible as a bug report when you can say what changes a working case into a case that bans. If there are specific actions that lead to a ban on an install which does not otherwise give a ban, then those steps are the first thing needed. Again, the same steps work to ban always or it is not those steps that is the cause. In another case, if you can find a pk3 file that makes you get banned. There are some cheats that proxy system dll files and can be inside a pk3 file in the working directory. Server specific proxy dlls (private anti-cheat programs (or other)) are not known to cause bans when connecting to a server without them. That is because the mod is reloaded every time server or map changes. The binary that is referenced by the server is used as long as the server has the sv_pure 1 setting enabled. I'm intentionally using term "not known to". So far it has not happened on testing and such a thing has not been reported. But I can't give guarantee as I have not investigated the mod loading techniques in the engine to that level. Also, self made ET client could behave differently. In any case, it would still be reproducible. Everything works in a rational way and all bugs are reproducible. It is just a matter to analyze what is different and isolate the thing that is causing the ban. We can't do it on behalf of anyone. It is always good to remember that blaming a bug without actually providing any evidence for that is just an attempt to socially engineer the ban. You can compare such case to a rage botter calling admins noob when they ban him.
  11. The video really shows nothing. However, so far nothing to even suggest a bug in the AC has been given. Let me remind that the first thing to do is to have a reproducible event. It looks like the person has no problem reproducing as he is making videos. But he doesn't bother finding out how to reproduce it, not for your clan members or for us to reproduce it. Instead he just makes a video of getting banned with some textures missing and calls it a bug. Please, next post should have some actual content for the topic. If you can't make such a post, then please don't post. This still isn't your clan forum for meaningless chatter.
  12. There is no point in using the AC if you're going to dismiss all the bans as bugs without a reason. You really should have done that before creating the topic here. The bare minimum would have been to post a description about how to reproduce the ban. Now this topic just looks like someone is socially engineering your clan.
  13. Sounds like there was no bug back then and there is none now. Always insist a way to reproduce the issue. In case it was asked between the lines, missing textures don't affect the AC.
  14. I haven't seen his explanation, so I can't comment on that. Bans usually happen right when the player connects to the server so I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't know why his loading screen has missing textures, the video doesn't explain it either. If there is a bug, you would be able to reproduce it with the instructions he gives.
  15. These: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Server_Cvar#g_engineerChargeTime http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Server_Cvar#g_LTChargeTime
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