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Another crash

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A step in the right direction

Hi, I'm posting an another crash log of a player playing on my server (crashes to desktop):


-8<------- Crash Information ------->8-
   Please forward to silEnT mod team.   
Version: 0.6.3 Win32
Map: caen2
Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
Exception Address: 0x0046c03e
DLL Information:
0x00400000	ET
0x77f50000	ntdll
0x77e60000	kernel32
0x77dc0000	ADVAPI32
0x78000000	RPCRT4
0x76b20000	WINMM
0x77d30000	USER32
0x77c60000	GDI32
0x71a70000	WSOCK32
0x71a50000	WS2_32
0x77c00000	msvcrt
0x71a40000	WS2HELP
0x771a0000	ole32
0x773c0000	SHELL32
0x00270000	SHLWAPI
0x78090000	comctl32
0x77330000	comctl32
0x5b1d0000	uxtheme
0x746d0000	MSCTF
0x10000000	mgAdaptersProxy
0x7c360000	MSVCR71
0x76f80000	Secur32
0x5f190000	opengl32
0x69020000	GLU32
0x51000000	DDRAW
0x73b50000	DCIMAN32
0x69500000	nvoglnt
0x76fc0000	CLBCATQ
0x77110000	OLEAUT32
0x77040000	COMRes
0x77bf0000	VERSION
0x51080000	dsound
0x72cb0000	wdmaud
0x72ca0000	msacm32
0x77bd0000	MSACM32
0x77bc0000	midimap
0x5ef80000	KsUser
0x719f0000	mswsock
0x71a30000	wshtcpip
0x76f10000	DNSAPI
0x76fa0000	winrnr
0x76f50000	WLDAP32
0x76fb0000	rasadhlp
0x142b0000	pbcl
0x76be0000	psapi
0x76d50000	Iphlpapi
0x144e0000	pbag
0x14510000	pbsv
0x6da50000	DBGHELP
0x40000000	ui_mp_x86
0x30000000	cgame_mp_x86
0x76c80000	IMAGEHLP
(0) D:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe [0x0046c03e]


If all will be fixed in the next version it will be great, because I've noticed more such crashes recently.

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This crash is not inside the mod. Which ET version is he using? (e.g. 2.60b, 2.60, ...) You can see the version if you make !finger on him.

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A step in the right direction



I told him to update

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