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Gun icon instead gun name when someone kills another player.

24 October 2016 - 11:39 AM

Hi, I'm Albert and I'm new in this forum.


Firstly, I have to say one thing. English isn't my native language, so forgive me, if I commit any grammar mistake. 


I would like to know, if it would be possible add another option to silEnT hud. I mean, change the text info, when someone kills another player or bot, for a icon of gun what kills that player. Like NOQuarter. I know, I know, if I want that option it would be better to change NOQuarter instead silEnT, but, I like silEnT too. 


The amount of options that offers silEnT is much better NOQ. Plus, NOQ, is no longer in development years ago.

Keep up the good work! Your mod is amazing :)