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  1. Hello, I have updated website to current version as old version wasn't supported anymore. While we are fixing some issues, some features might not be available. Thanks for being mygamingtalk user.
  2. hellreturn

    Spec Command

  3. https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Server_Cvar#g_dmgGLauncher g_dmgGLauncher g_dmgGLauncherRadius You can adjust above ones.
  4. FYI: Still not resolved and it's actually happening in ETL latest version as well. I am curious to know if anyone else is facing similar issue as well. Is it happening with latest ETL version for you? If you have test server, can try with more omni bots? See how it goes. Thanks
  5. What's the point of muting player, who is not on server? Why not mute them when they are on server? Can you please explain the reason.
  6. Welcome to the forums cinemitas.xyz :)
  7. Welcome to the forums donpelis.xyz :)
  8. Welcome to the forums hdfull.mobi :)
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