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Best Mac Data Recovery Software

26 October 2017 - 03:53 PM

A number of scenarios can create a need for installing and using the best data retrieval software for Mac. For example, a simple power outage while working on an important file often results in lost information and in some instances a completely inaccessible file. Malicious activity, viruses, accidental deletions, unplanned formatting, and several other situations often leave individuals and businesses in a conundrum.

It is still possible to retrieve this information regardless of how the files disappeared or became inaccessible. All you have to do is download the best Macintosh data recovery software and take quick action to retrieve your data. Stellar Phoenix Mac File Recovery is a user-friendly utility you can use to accomplish this seemingly daunting task. It is able to scan and locate any files still residing on your hard drive, but not locatable by the operating system through the address table.
With Stellar Phoenix, you are able to customize the file formats/types to be found during scanning. Once the files have been found, simply select the files to be recovered, configure a save location, and the utility does the rest! It is relatively easy to use, very flexible, and can retrieve files in minutes. As shown by the provided tutorial, it is easy as:
  1. Selecting the drive.
  2. Choosing the quick scan recovery option.
  3. Scanning your hard drive volume.
  4. Choosing items to recover.
  5. Letting the program do its magic.

Mac Data Recovery

10 September 2017 - 04:13 PM

Situations where data is accidentally deleted or lost due to hard drive formatting or corruption create extensive panic. The common misconception is that a deleted file is permanently gone; however, this assumption is quite wrong. Only the address of the file is removed by the operating system from the address table. This means that the file still resides on your hard drive. The information is retrievable as long as the drive has not yet overwritten.


First thing to do is stop working on your Mac to avoid data overwrites. Every change made on the hard drive is a potential overwrite. Second, use a reliable utility for Mac data recovery. Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery software is an easy-to-install application for retrieving lost or deleted files on your Mac.


Mac data recovery doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or only done by a professional. It is easy to recover any files that has not been overwritten yet by completing these steps with Stellar Phoenix. These four steps will get you exactly where you need to be:

  1. Configure the recovery.
  2. Scan the volume.
  3. Choose the files to salvage.
  4. Sit back while the utility does the rest.