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  1. Welcome to Tits Ass and Guns Teamspeak: Website: http://ndaservers.com/ Server IP: Admins on daily{}New comer deals{}Loads of added weapons and vehicles{}Custom map{}JSRS sound mod{}WAI and DZMS mission systems{}Virtually no lag{}SSD TAG is always looking to recruit new members, moderators, and admins feel free to stop by and join us on the teamspeak if you're interested. The teamspeak is open to all players and if you want a private channel for your clan feel free to ask an admin. We are a mature gaming community that doesn't abuse power and is focused on the players needs. Constantly adding new content to both the map, loot, and scripts to bring the best entertainment to you. Server Spec's 4 core 3.4 GHz processor 4 GB ram 30 GB SSD New Coming groups (If not claimed first day this is void) 5 player groups - Military Offroad M2 Machine Gun, Safe, 10 Cinder Block Walls, 6 Metal Floors, 1 Cinder Garage Door, m240 nest 4 player groups - Hmmv m240, Safe, 8 Cinder Block Walls, 4 Metal Floors, 1 Cinder Door, m240 nest 3 player groups - Pick Up DshKm, 6 Cinder Block Walls, 2 Metal floors, 1 Cinder Door, Sandbag Nest 2 player groups - Btr 40 DshKm, 4 Cinder Block Walls, 1 Metal floor, 1 Cinder Door, Chainsaw Any larger groups will be determined on log in. Server Scripts, Tools, and Plugins JSRS sound mod supported ‚ÄčIntelligent and difficult ai missions (WAI & DZMS ai mission system's) Gold/Gem currency only Heli Evac Armored vehicle traders: Btr's, Bdrm, Jackal's, GPK's and more Custom map: Kamenka, Chernogorsk, skalisty Island and bridge, North West Airfield, North East Airfield, Stary Sobor, Multiple caves, and more to come Safe zones: Stary Sobor, Bash, Klen, Bandit trader, and Hero trader Tear gas- throw any smoke grenade and it is now tear gas, your character will begin to shake and cough as well as a blurry screen(post process is required for the blurry screen we highly recommend turning it on to at least very low in video settings) Halo spawn and guide your free falling character off the coast Toolbox to Bike- Right click on the toolbox in your gear to use it Self blood bag- Right click on the blood bag in your gear to use it Towing and lifting Weapon Caches No plot pole and no base decay No carry weight Snap and build 4 hour day FREE BEER Admin events And lots of other stuff we hope to see you on there and if you have any questions just ask an admin Load Out ALICE backpack Morphine Painkillers Water bottle Cooked meat Beer Scrap metal G17 3 bandages 2 G17 mags Flashlight Hatchet Map Toolbox Radio Planned map additions aircraft carrier Island bunker cherno to elektro sewer industrial city multiple military camps/bases multiple cities hemp farm apocalyptic/survival remodel of map
  2. Welcome to the forums AG.Ndogg97 :)
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