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  1. Happy Birthday Dookie!
  2. Happy Birthday Dookie!
  3. It would be great if just this binaries can be updated with a new version.
  4. Hello there anyone who is reading. Do we have any info is it silent 0.9.0 going to be the last or there is hope for some suprise incoming? Cheers!
  5. Happy Birthday Dookie!
  6. Happy Birthday Dookie!
  7. Hi guys, these are my xpsave settings, but its saving for just like 1 or 2 days, then it gets reseted...any ideas? // XP Save//************************************************** set g_XPSave 31 // Enable disable preferred style // Campaign like XP save for 6 maps with mapvoting gametypeset g_resetXPMapCount 0//set g_XPSaveMaxAge "90d" // keep KR and PRW saved for longer time // XP is reset after 30 days//set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "12o" // for the XP//set g_XPSaveMaxAge "12o" // keep KR and PRW saved for longer time // Never reset XP (it's not really an option, but a huge value (30 months) will do instead)// Do note that g_dbUserMaxAge should be set to "-1" to disable player record deletionsset g_g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "30o"set g_XPSaveMaxAge "30o"
  8. Happy Birthday Dookie!
  9. Hey guys, im currently on my server using default damage values for weapons, what I am interessted in is what amount are you using at your server? Become ive got many people complaining that damage is to low. Here is my settings, if you can please paste here yours so maybe i will find some pattern. Thx set g_dmgKnife 10set g_dmgSten 14set g_dmgFG42 15set g_dmgPisto 18set g_dmgSMG 18set g_dmgMG42 18set g_dmgMG 20set g_dmgFG42Scope 30set g_dmgInfRifle 34set g_dmgSniper 50set g_dmgFlamer 5set g_dmgGrenade 160set g_dmgGrenadeRadius 250set g_dmgGLauncher 160set g_dmgGLauncherRadius 250set g_dmgTMine 250set g_dmgLandmine 250set g_dmgLandmineRadius 250set g_dmgSatchel 250set g_dmgSatchelRadius 250set g_dmgPanzer 400set g_dmgPanzerRadius 250set g_dmgMortar 400set g_dmgMortarRadius 250set g_dmgDynamite 250set g_dmgDynamiteRadius 250set g_dmgAir 250set g_dmgAirRadius 400set g_dmgArty 250set g_dmgArtyRadius 400set g_dmg 2set g_dmgHeadShotMin 50set g_dmgHeadShotRatio 2.0set g_knifeThrowDamage 50set g_dmgPPSh 19
  10. No, but thats pretty foolish that you cant even join 082 servers if u visited some of 090 server. I mean it doesnt make me confused because I will come here and ask, but it does make many other players, and they prolly go to play another mod etc...
  11. hey guys, im experiiencing a problem with this error when i try to join silent servers ui_menus_silent.txt not found How much ive noticed it is happening only whne i try to join 0.8.2. servers, any idea whats causing it? thx
  12. Anything new about this? Thanks
  13. Hello guys, 2 questions about omnibots. I would like to set them that they are not using the mounted mg42's like on fueldump, just sitting on them whole map and killing us all, and second thing, I would like them to disable joining soldier class, cuz they usually spawn with panza and then only panza which is allowed on server is used by a bot. Any ideas? thx
  14. Dookie


    Hey, how it possible to downgrade from 090 to 082? Ive tried deleting .so file and 090.pk3 and addting 082 pk3 and .so file which was inside the archive but it doesnt work. any ideas? thx
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