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  1. I request to change the name of that command. It is confusing and I guess the server administrator thought it like !reset please instead of !resetpls. It would be more accurate and less confusing, if the name of that command would be !resetstats.
  2. It ended up way different than I excepted; server administrator used as following !reset Indloon Yes that's right, server was full and everyone went totally mad after that... As excepted, administrator told after to me some words of course. And I doubt that I ever will get any commands requested in that server.... So please, make !resetmystats command to client code, which does same as resetpls does, just different syntax for avoiding such ... pointless situations.
  3. Unfortunately I am no an administrator of that server where I play: can't really create a custom command for it. Since I didn't know that such command exist, then I am gonna spam administrators to use !resetpls on me - should fix my problem. Thanks.
  4. Hello! I frequently play in a Silent mod server, as I have found myself in a trouble; if so... There is a command called !resetmyxp, by doing that, your global stats, kills and deaths, won't reset at all. It would be good to see in next Silent mod version a command called !resetmystats, which as it says, resets global stats: kills and deaths.
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