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  1. Well.. An easy way to adpat it would be change the glowing red or blue line for opaque ones... It would give the sense of being a wire instead looking as a laser and would fit more with WWII... I still think would be better if allies wires only could be seen by allies and same with axis, as happens with normal landmines... With landmines you can see your own team mines as flags on the field. We could be able to see tripmines and the wire on the field and in command map too, as happens with landmines. Let the enemies only see the tripmine it self on the wall, but not the wire, unless they already have battle sense level 4, as happens today with landmines. Only well planted landmines (the traditional ones) can't be spotted by covies... But most of people don't plant it so well. I don't know if this is possible, but imho would be nice. But this is only my view. If you follow the link I provided in my original post you will see that some supports this idea and others don't. Normal stuff. Most of guys that plays as medics all the time would hate if tripmines changed to the way I am suggesting...
  2. Hello Guys You know that recently one of our servers was changed to SilentMod. The feedbacks about the mod has been great. Everyone enjoying the mod and didn't hear about any issue about it. Only positive stuff. Would be possible to make an tweak on laser mines? You know, the first serious studies about laser only took place on the 50's. Those mines would be much better if they had thin line textures visible to your team and could only be spotted by the opposite team through a covie or some 4 star battle sense guy. It's ok if the mine itself should keep visible to everyone, because, well, it is on the wall and not buried on he ground. Those mines, the way they are now, is the only weak point to me. Great job on the mod guys! Keep up the great work you are doing. Let's keep the ET alive! Best regards, Alvo
  3. ET 4ever! Bunker4Life!!!
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