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Found 3 results

  1. Hello , I'm Sky and I'm from TWC clan, admin in TWC No Download. I've been playing some silent from time to time a but I never really got much into that mod since I'm more a jaymod player. But few weeks/months ago I decided to try silent again by visiting sky-e server, my visit abrubtly ended with a nice 365days autoban ... Now I posted a topic about it on sky-e forum and they didn't really believe my story : https://esport.rocks/forum/index.php?f=18&t=813&rb_v=viewtopic Few days ago I got the same problem when joining DRI server, I could play one map but as soon as the map changed I'd get autobanned, and today when I tried to join a few other silent servers the ban was instant. I'm a 100% clean player, never cheated on public servers (I tried out cheats in my private server a few times) but some people are starting to question my playstyle so I'd like to be cleared out & understand why the AC keeps banning me , hope you can help me out , thanks !
  2. Hello all! Not sure where to ask for help about this subject, so i try here. Wanted to play on my fav silent mod server today, but i recieved an automatic ban, and i have no idea why. Asked for the unban several times, but the mod bans me againd and again. The problem seems to occur on a mapchange or vid_restart command. Any idea what can cause this or how to solve it? powi
  3. I have one suggestion regarding each.I have searched the forums, but didn't find any related topics, hence I made this one. !finger Is it possible to add a timestamp to the !fingerinfo like it is on jaymod ? It would be useful to keep the different !fingerinfo apart in a chronological order. Jaymod !finger -PLAYER INFORMATION slot: 123 team: AXIS name changes: 0 -USER INFORMATION name: XXX level: 0 (I Am Nothing http://fearless-assassins.com/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png) GUID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (USERID: xxxxxxxx) IP: MAC: 00:11:22:33:44:55 timestamp: 02/20/14 07:05:10 greet-text: none greet-audio: none private-ACL: none !ban I am not so sure about this one, but I thought the following: Is it possible and desirable to add autosetlvl 0 to the !ban cmd ? My point was the following: If you ban someone and he has some lvl on the server, that the !ban cmd does both: first set his lvl to 0 and then bans him for the desired time.This would avoid any double work, I think. With regards,
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