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Found 2 results

  1. I'm Game Dev and part time YouTuber where i stream my game play on live stream. My YouTube channel name is Deadphool.
  2. Hi everyone, Just wanted to tell you about our new site, www.findgamingbuddies.com, a site we hope will help a lot of online gamers out there to find gaming partners without the trolls. We're two gamers who got tired of the disrespect, abuse and generally poor behaviour from online players during co-op. We looked for a way to find genuine players to game with, but apart from random forums, we couldn't find anything - so we started one ourselves :-) The idea is really simple - players create a free profile on the site that helps other players find them. They list the games they're currently playing, age range, country, and even level of expertise so that people can find the right kind of gaming partner. Once they've found a match, they can message securely via the site. What makes findgamingbuddies unique is that players can leave ratings and reviews of other players they've gamed with. That means that good players are naturally rewarded, so we can really promote a positive, respectful community interaction. We're a free service with no funding and no affiliation to any gaming companies, and we're not trying to sell anything - just offer a place to for gamers to connect with other serious gamers with a focus on friendliness and respect. We've just launched the site, so please visit us, sign up if you like what you see and help us build something amazing for gamers everywhere :-) www.findgamingbuddies.com See you there, Lee (FGB)
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