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Found 2 results

  1. http://i.imgur.com/v7WCgeK.jpg E3L/A3L | EXO LIFE An Arma 3 Roleplay server played on the map "Lakeside Valley". The server is trying to create a good RP enviroment but still not trying to take it too seriously. Features: Lakeside Valley Map Modpack Gas Station Robberies Police Patrol Checkpoints (DP's for Police) EMS Patrol Checkpoints (DP's for EMS) Better bank robbery system then Altis Life. Massive of different police departments, Department of Corrections, S.E.R.T, Lakeside Police Department, Sheriff's Department and CID. Cadet and S.E.R.T Training Grounds. CPR Kits, gives you the ability to revive other people without being a medic, thought the chance of the player getting revived is 25% Fancy Car Dealership, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and more sport cars. Mercedes Dealership. Audi Dealership. Ford Dealership. Unique Bomb dealer. EOD Operators for the police force. Hunting area. Better drug system. How do I join EXO Life? 1. Download our modpack on the workshop! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651401268 2. Remember to install Task Force Radio properly! 3. Join the IP: life.exodusgaming.net on Arma 3 OR search for Exodus Gaming in filter 4. Remember to be on the teamspeak! Or else you won't be able to talk to anyone in-game Why should you join us? Because we can give you a good and proper roleplay experience meanwhile not taking things too seriously! Also even better! The server is NOT whitelisted as many other A3L servers are. We do not only host Arma 3. We also host modded Minecraft, though you need to apply for the minecraft server! Website: http://www.exodusgaming.net/ Teamspeak: ts3.exodusgaming.net:9992 Server IP: life.exodusgaming.net Mod pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651401268 Twitter: https://twitter.com/exodusgamingg You can apply for cop and EMS on the website! Thank you!
  2. Task Force 15 is a military based unit for the game Arma 3. We are looking for new members to join our ranks and fill our community. We are still in development, so please do not expect the best, we not been around for very long and are still in the development stages. We have a basic rank structure for our members that will provide a chain of command. We find this a very crucial and important part of our unit. A chain of command is key in order to keep things organized and when carrying out commands. What we look for in our members is people just looking to experience tactical military game-play and to just have fun. To maintain order and to help the unit run more efficiently, we offer many roles beyond the standard ranking system in our unit. These include 3 departments: Recruiting Department, Technical Support Department, and Combat Journalist Department. Here is a brief summary of what these departments are. Recruiting Department: The recruitment department is fairly straight forward. Recruiters are responsible for properly training and recruiting new members into Task Force 15. Technical Support Department: The technical support department focuses on more towards website moderation (eg. Forums) and are responsible for giving help to mod installation if needed for new members. Combat Journalist Department: This departments is for members who are willing to help promote Task Force 15 through media, such as Youtube and Twitch.. All of these departments are for respected members of our unit. All of our members can apply to be in these departments on the forums. Task Force 15 will be hosting it's own dedicated server very soon. Our dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server is now online. Our server is where all of our operations will be held, these operations will be scheduled on our site calendar and addressed to the unit ahead of time. All members go through BCT when first joining. This is to see where you are most needed and what role you will serve. Task Force 15 does do training once a week, since we are aware people do not have time to do training 3 times a week. Our server will be using mods, these mods are also the ones our unit will be using. CORE MODS: - RHS: Escalation Mod Pack - TASK FORCE RADIO OPTIONAL MODS: - JSRS - BLAST CORE - SHACKTAC SQUAD HUD If interested please feel free to visit our site @ www.taskforce15.enjin.com and our teamspeak @ or search [uS] Task Force 15 on teamspeak search filter. We look forward to seeing you! Founder, Maxi
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