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iPad sale: save up to £29 on the larger 128GB iPad and kiss storage concerns goodbye

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We don't often get to mention the words 'cheap iPad' when talking about the larger 128GB capacity versions, but we might just try them on for size today.

That's because Amazon is having an iPad sale for the latest 2018 edition, knocking the price down from £409, to a much more appealing £379.98. We're super keen on this deal for the 128GB version as the default 32GB model just isn't big enough for most users once you start to fill the iPad with apps, games and media files. Damn you Apple and your lack of expandable storage options! Apple's going to Apple though. A fact of life if ever there was one.

iPad sale of the week

So yes, if you want to pick up this iPad deal in a less flashy colour you can get it for just £389.97 in Space Grey or Silver. You know what's going to look great on this 9.7-inch retina display, whichever colour you go for? The upcoming Super Bowl live stream!

If you'd prefer to check out even more options for different models, why not head on over to our full guide to the cheapest iPad sale prices and deals. If you need something with even more power for work and creative editing then we've got you covered for the latest iPad Pro prices too. 

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