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RtCW - Single player maps in Multiplayer with bots

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I have a complicated question. We are now creating a playable version of the Single Player maps for RtCW under Multiplayer. I am stuck on the Assault map. I have several problems. 
The first is that I am unable to load the assault map to work with it on the bots path. This has been done by others, so it's not impossible. Otherwise I would not have a way file for it...
So if I upload the bsp and script file here is there any way someone can make a loadable map from it? I have not been able to, I am not a mapper. 
Tried to trick it by loading mp_assault, but since it's a different map, I can't make the route from the SP tower where the flyer should be launched from.

assault tower 

mp_assault tower

Which way file I have there already leads to there way, but the bots keep getting stuck at the control room so the whole map is unplayable...
This is where they get stuck:

It is important to note that SP maps cannot be loaded by default into the Multiplayer client unless the maps are created as shown here:
rtcw.life/mapdb (Names of maps starting with SP)

So the first main question: how can I open the map to work with the bots? Or can someone make a compatible, loadable version?

Map link: assault.bsp | assault.script

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