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Parse error with '!' in goals file

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I'm just looking at the map mp_ruiner (RTCW) & a lot of the automatically detected goals have a '!' at the end.

This causes the following parse error in the goals file.

error (232) parse error, expecting `'}'' or `',''
Could not parse file nav/mp_ruiner_goals.gm

Line 232

    FLAG_Ruiners_head! =
        CreateOnLoad = 0,
        GoalType = "Flag",
        Position = Vec3(1088.000, 4200.000, 208.000),
        TagName = "Ruiners head!",
        TeamAvailability = 4,

I can fix the parse error by deleting the ! but it still shows as the original goalname in game & if I save the goals, it just creates a new goal with the original name. Same issue if I rename the goal in game as well

ALLIES: FLAG_Ruiners_head! - 0.8

Just wondering if there is a way to fix this?

It also causes a parse error in the script file made by "makemapgm" but that is easy fixable by removing the '!'

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