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  1. If you don't script any restriction, it's the same for all bots
  2. First problem: https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Paththrough_UseSwitch Other problem: You'll probably have 2 CAPPOINT goals, just have 1 enabled for Axis and 1 for Allies
  3. Yes, that's the best solution, so it's bound to the goal and not the bot using it, far better ^^ Thank you again!
  4. Thank you very much! ^^ It seems the forum's account can't be used to login to the Wiki, and creating new accounts seems disabled; is it possible to either get an account or that you add that documentation to the mortar page? ^^" Edit: Just realized this will suspend ALL mortar shooting, just not one btw ^^" This perhaps should be something like this.Bot.DontShootMortar?
  5. Nice! Do you think this is something that could be added in OB, so it's available to all? I don't think other weapon goals (especially large radius, explosive-kind weapons) would benefit from that (a simple make unavailable is fine, for e. g. airstrike/arty), so that they would do something else Only the mortar has that deployment requirement, with large radius/damage
  6. Good morning, I have scripted a system which automatically tracks a vehicle movement to adjust mortar targeting all along When the vehicle is at a destructible like a barrier, and that destructible gets planted, I'd like the mortar bot to stop shooting, but keep its goal (so stay crouched and deployed), until everything is either defused or destroyed I've looked at the dontshoot command to see if I could use that; I see there's a Shooting Disabled flag Is is a right way to go? If so, how can I set/unset that flag through script? Thank you in advance Regards Mateos
  7. From what I see from the GitHub repository, these goals are limited to Soldiers, and have a changed priority, which may change how goals are done by bots omni-bot/0.83/Installer/Files/rtcw/nav/final_deathwish.gm at stable ยท jswigart/omni-bot (github.com) Even the flag is limited to Soldiers, weird... Comment-out the limits and check ingame if other goals have higher priority Else handle that with roles
  8. Hello, It just came to my attention Legacy mod now has some news weapons, and it's not yet handled in et_weapontables.gm ^^" From the changelog: Added new MP34 weapon for axis covert ops instead of Sten Added allied bazooka weapon Added the KA-BAR weapon for allies Added the Browning MG weapon for allied soldiers (KA-BAR is a knife) Is this already handled by the WEAPON constants, and simply adding lines in the script will do, or does it take some mapping elsewhere? Thank you in advance Regards, Mateos
  9. Due to attachment file size limit and post edit delay limit, an other post with original shader and r_wolffog 0/1
  10. For future reference; Suspected that, couldn't get it working yesterday, found why and got it working now, just like custom .script In the case of that map, faulty shader is textures/marko/fog_crypt in marko_fog.shader The file has to be extracted in a script sub-folder in OB mod folder (not etmain! was why I couldn't get it working) and modified, and the game run with sv_pure 0, in order to load the file outside a PK3 (or have a z_xxx.pk3 containing the file in etmain I guess) Commented out fog-related and texture-related instructions about fog in sub-sections Like this: textures/marko/fog_crypt { qer_editorimage textures/marko/fog_grey1.tga surfaceparm trans surfaceparm nonsolid // surfaceparm fog // Commented out surfaceparm nolightmap q3map_globaltexture q3map_surfacelight 1 // fogparms ( .15 .15 .17 ) 768 // Already commented out // fogparms ( .2 .2 .2 ) 384 // Commented out // fogparms ( .5 .5 .5 ) 128 // Already commented out { //map textures/marko/kc_fogcloud3.tga // Commented out blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero tcmod scale -.05 -.05 tcmod scroll .01 -.01 rgbgen identity } { //map textures/marko/kc_fogcloud3.tga // Commented out blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero tcmod scale .05 .05 tcmod scroll .01 -.01 rgbgen identity } } Works now!
  11. Hello, I'm starting to make waypoints for the following map, which has fog on most of the ground: Wolffiles.de - your filebase Very quickly, the waypoints fade, so I turned off fog, which helped on all surfaces affected by it, excepted the waypoint nodes themselves ^^' What can I do to have them rendered like normal in that kind of map setting? Thank you in advance Regards, Mateos
  12. Good morning, Is the GameId number, used to query entities, the one only given by /entitylist, or can it be from an other source/reference, like ent->s.number? I ask this question because Legacy loops through the entities in a different order, which would then break some scripts ^^" ent->s.number is the same between 2.60b and Legacy, if that's reachable to use Thanks in advance Regards, Mateos
  13. Good evening, Just witnessed something quite weird with a switch in V1 Rocket, only with silEnT, only with a least a bot in-game... There's a trigger called rocdoor_Moving, fired when you press a switch to open/close the room where you grab the rocket fuel, in the last map area This trigger is fired during map start, only under silEnT, only when a bot is in-game (tested with the Axis team) If yourself you jointed Axis, but no bot, no trigger; all this doesn't happen with OB mod I've noticed that on an online server, and was able to reproduce that locally; narrowed it down easily, because there's a single location where the Axis have that availability managed, and adding a MapDebugPrint revealed it (printed before OnMapLoad one btw) What kind of madness is this? After that MLB Egypt weird thingy some months ago Map download: Wolffiles.de - your filebase
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