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File Name: Promod LIVE

File Submitter: Dragonji

File Submitted: 14 Jul 2012

File Category: Mods



Promod is game modification for Call of Duty promoting the competitive side of the game. By covering all aspects of thegame it makes it a enjoyable experience for anyone, with functions for anything from practice and public fun to competitive matchplay and shoutcaster functions. Online or not, our philosophy is to satisfy both those playing and watching the game as a spectator.

The standard

Promod have grown to be the undisputable standard for Call of Duty 4 worldwide, used on over 4000 online servers and on every LAN event held the past years. That have provided a steady balanced and unified ground for all the players to play on, no matter what.


The Promod project started soon after the scenes finally being mature for a unified ruleset. A ruleset that would mean things like cooked nades being removed and weapons being balanced. That, amongst many other improvements, all to boost the competive side of Call of Duty 4. We can today without any doubt see that the actions taken have positively matured the scene to what it is today. Like any other success story the road haven’t been without any bumps. Quite the opposite actually. As visions clash and people goes seperate ways we have also seen alot of changes within and around the Promod team. From its creator Raf1 to Carlisle and Juszn, and the later reinforcement of Trivve.

The team

We are a tightknit team of good friends that have been working together the past years. It’s our strenght and pride!

Manager: Abhi.
Development: Trivve and Ingram.
Concept: Abhi, Trivve and Ingram together with Vita Nova.

What's the difference between the EU and NE version of Promod?

The NE version of Promod has rate and cl_maxpackets settings unlocked and radar does not display enemy indicators while shooting. NE stands for Non-Europe.


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