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in our team we have a server where we play cards in a "fun".

ie for example trooptrain we play this card only with a knife.

but you still need dynamite and pliers for command post.

would it be possible to do something like the NQ

I put the example below:


nq_War (New since 1.2.7)


Enable and configure war mode (s) in No Quarter.


Type: bitmask

1 Enable War Mode: spawn with A Few weapons can order plenty of ammo

4 Enable knives

8 Enable panzers

Enable 16 sniper rifles

32 Enable grenades

64 Enable riflenades

128 Enable Flamethrowers

256 Enable shotguns

512 Enable poison needles

1024 Enable smoke grenades

2048 Enable binoculars

4096 Enable pliers

or could you tell me if this is feasible and how LUA because I did not know enough about coding to be able to do it alone


thank you in advance


serial Killer

TCM Team

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In all war modes in silent, the objective tools are available. If you want to disabled them, then probably the Lua could be used for it. Unfortunately, only wars that are implemented are: panzer war, rifle war and sniper war.




For other wars, again the Lua might be used to implement them. Unfortunately, I don't know of any ready made scripts for these things.

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Thank you for your answer.

But is that this is something that could be considered in a future release or not at all?

And if not I looking for someone who could give me a hand to do in lua code if posssible ..

thank you in advance.

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I don't quite understand what kind your ideal 'war' mode would be. I was assuming something like !panzerwar etc. If you could specify the settings then i'm sure it would be possible using lua.

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this is not really a war.

would rather the ability to activate a particular weapons.

for example on a map I wish I could just turn the knife as a weapon the engineer and dynamite clips for everyone.

for another map I would like to activate such that the mp40.

a bit like nq to choose more precisely the weapons used in a map.

something that can be put in mapconfig card by card.

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