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Website URL: http://www.venomenterprisegaming.com

Community HUB URL: http://www.venomenterpisegaming.com/Community


About us: Enterprise Gaming was formed on the basis of providing the best gaming experience the internet has to offer. We affiliate ourselves with other gaming communities so to provide a wide array of options. We have our own staff and gamers aswell as the support from many other communities. From our Community HUB you can check out and join any of the communities that Enterprise Gaming is affiliated with. We hope you enjoy your time on our HUB and that you consider join one if not all of the communities their.



-Venom (Owner of Enterprise Gaming)

Email: venom@venomenterprisegaming.com

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Enterprise Gaming is Proud to announce that we will be moving to a new domain. soon our new domain name will be http://www.enterprisegaming.org . We hope this will make it both easier to find us and make us look a more official than before. stay tuned for more information on this.


NOTE: our domain name is still http://www.venomenterprisegaming.com until further notice.

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We are now reopened at our new domain name "http://www.enterprisegaming.org" so come on over and check us out.


We are also offering sponsorship offers to new and existing gaming communities so throw us an email at venom@enterprisegaming.org or join our teamspeak at ts.enterprisegaming.org and we'll be happy to set you up with the best offer we can muster.


See you their!


-Venom (Owner and CEO of Enterprise Gaming)

Email: venom@enterprisegaming.org

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Enterprise Gaming is currently searching for staff to manage some of our new divisions that we are releasing, below is a list of the divisions:


Just Cause 2

Left for Dead 2

Payday 2


Human Resources

  We are also in need of staff for the following divisions:


EG Radio



If you are interested in any of these postisions please send an email to venom@enterprisegaming.org to apply. Please include in the email:

Your Name:




About Yourself:


Thank You

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