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Shock horror: iOS 8 Control Centre in not-so-drastic makeover scandal

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iOS 8 isn't yet ready for public consumption yet, as Apple's still tweaking it and ironing out the bugs. But thanks to the existence of a developer preview, it's a fairly open process with changes arriving in each new build.

The latest version, iOS 8 beta 4, has just landed, and while most of the changes are aimed at stability and squashing the aforementioned bugs, there is one visual change which particularly stands out: the humble Control Centre.

Functionally it's the same as ever, but eagle-eyed observers will notice that the black borders around icons are gone and that the circles are filled with white when activated, whereas in the current version the black border and the icon itself turns white.

This changes everything. Again.

May not be final

It's a minor alteration that's unlikely to cause too much division. Personally we're not sure it was a change for the better as we like the relative subtlety of the old style. It's worth noting though that there's no guarantee it will still look like this come release.

Apple is regularly making changes to the preview build so it may well change it again before the final version arrives. But while nothing is set in stone this could well be the future look of Control Centre.



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