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NFL Now app might touch down on Apple TV

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The National Football League's NFL Now app is still scheduled to launch this summer, but it seems the app's full list of platforms may have not been revealed yet.

That's according to 9to5Mac, an Apple-focused blog that claims NFL Now will be released on Apple TV alongside its other debut platforms in August.

NFL Now will deliver users original content, game highlights, extensive archive video, and live events. It's being touted as the football fan's ultimate tool.

The app is currently announced officially for Xbox One, Roku, iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon platforms like Kindle Fire and Fire TV.

Too many coaches in the kitchen

When the football league revealed its NFL Now plans in January Microsoft helped out with an announcement published on the Xbox Wire blog.

It's interesting that Microsoft essentially claimed partial ownership over the NFL Now experience in that blog post, considering how many other platforms have been announced in the interim - or may yet emerge from the woodwork, in the case of Apple TV.

The post was titled "Microsoft Partners with the NFL to Create NFL Now," for crying out loud, and only Microsoft platforms including the Xbox One and Surface tablets were mentioned in this initial announcement.

The app currently has no concrete release date, but the source of this current rumor said that NFL Now might debut as soon as this week.



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