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Black Legion Are Recruiting!

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Black-Legion is a gaming community founded in 2002, we have been a successful gaming community for this duration playing games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2. We can provide an experience for members of all preferences be it hardcore gaming or just casual fun.

We have a strong member base of around 40 members none of which are forgotten about! We are a community before anything and we are looking for players who speak fluent English and are interested in a casual gaming experience, we have members ranging from the age of 17-30 and anyone is welcome to join us!

We have two dedicated servers which are powerful enough to run numerous game server simultaneously so everyone's needs are satisfied, we currently run several public and private servers for numerous games. We take pride in our weekly events for our main games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2 which gather a turn out of 20+ members.

We are looking for members who can respect other people, have commitment towards the clan, communicate in and out of game, can create a positive atmosphere and people who are genuinely going to get engaged into the clan as we feel the more that you put into the community the more you get out of it, developing relationships with other members makes this an experience not easily forgotten.

If you wish to join Black-Legion you can formally register on our website or join our TeamSpeak 3 Server at ts3:// and seek an Administrator for more information! We would like to point out that your application to the clan is very important as it gives us an insight to who you are and if you we would like to accept you into our community.






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