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Found 23 results

  1. Helllo im KillerSlovakia From [DooC] ---------------- Nickname?:KillerSlovakia Wolfenstain ET Nickname?: [Dooc]*Killer Cat or Dog?: Cat What are your hobbies?: Pc Games Wolfenstain ET What kind of Sports do you like?: Hockey Golf What's your favorite color?: Green How about your favorite type of music?: rock, punk Favorite Song?: IMT Smile - Nepoznám What's your favorite TV show?: Dr.House What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Action comedy Favorite Movie?:Die Hard 3 Favorite Book?: Harry Potter What do you like most about yourself?: things can be learned What do you hate most about yourself?: when something goes wrong What makes you very happy?: when I get something What makes you very sad?: when they didn't give me What's your favorite beverage?: Kofola What you're favorite food/snack?: risotto Favorite actor/Actress?: Igor Chmela Favorite season? Why?: I can't say Favorite subject in school?: geography Favorite thing to learn about?: learn to play a new game If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Los Angeles, California Reason see Gta 5 places What are your top three games of all time?: return to castle wolfenstein dead by daylight Wolfenstain et Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: shooter Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Octodad: Dadliest Catch How many games do you own?: 1IN STEAM 142 games 203 dlc and 3ds Do you play console?: yes i own 3DS What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): pc and Steam and my 3ds What's your favorite internet site Youtube Twitch
  2. Hello all, I've started up a small community/clan called BB and the tags are BB or bb. We have a Discord set up, about 6-8 members and plenty of other visitors that come and go sometimes. We are based in North America but we aren't opposed to other regions joining us (we already have a UK member). We're not hyper competitive and we don't require you to play a certain game or at certain times. We are looking for other people who are just down to game and hang out with us. Currently we've been playing Dead by Daylight and PUBG a lot. But we do play other games and are always open to play other games, old or new. Feel free to drop by our Discord, hit me up on Discord, or shoot me an email. Email me at squadcar2525@gmail.com https://discord.gg/YKwMZUP
  3. Mad | An0nym0us - About Us - we are a gaming Community/Clan that play a massive multitude of games Our goal is to create a fun safe place for you to come home of an afternoon, and jump into any of the voice or text channels and just talk with whoever is there, or play some games. we are newly incorporated with members already signed up! and are looking for even more members that want to take part in having fun, getting better and competitions between clan members. we strive to create more of a close group of friends where you can get to know everyone and everyone knows you, rather than just be a group of people with a tag in front of their name and players who don’t really know each other. We are also very active, daily. Requirements - Must speak English. Must be 16+ Must have access to discord Must have a Microphone/Headset If you meet these requirements and are interested in seeing what we have to offer feel free add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076038319/ or discord StonedJoker#4867 and message me just letting me know you’re interested, once accepted you will be given access to all areas
  4. Gorilla Special Operations is looking for new recruits...We currently operate in Battlefield 3, Payday 2 (Steam edition), Heroes & Generals, war thunder (steam edition), Call of Duty Ghosts, and Grand Theft Auto online. We are currently looking for the following: Regular members, Chief of Battlefield 4 division, Chief of Battlefield Hardline division, Chief of COD: Black ops 3 division, Chief of GTA 5 ONLINE next gen division. those are some of the most important ones we are looking to fill. Once we are big enough with 30 or more members we will start looking into tournaments such as Call Of Duty, the Division and other tournaments as well as gaming events such as PAX, comic-con and others. We are multi-platform and multi-game. we accept anyone from the ages of 13 to 40. that live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico. Untill we can get some translators we only allow people that can speak English. women and men are accepted no matter what race, religion, preference of straight or gay we accept all and are a friendly community and those who are not are not allowed and/or banned from the clan. Our website is www.gorillaspecops.shivtr.com. Twitter: @apex178. email: skullnetwork17@gmail.com.
  5. Hello, We are X.Y.Z Gaming Community. We would like you to come and join the community where we have a variety of different activities ranging from casual Smite to tournaments and much more. At this current moment in time, we are a small community that is looking to expand into a much larger and more trusted and well known community. If you are interested in joing the community then please dont hesitate to have a look at our website ( http://teamxyz.boards.net/ ) where any of our staff members are happy to answer any questions that you have. If you dont want to look at the website, no worries, we have a discord server ( https://discord.gg/0uucgJbEQ3LdUTtk ) you can join, where the staff members are more than happy to answer any questions that you have. We look forward to seeing you there. Kind Regards The X.Y.Z Gaming Staff Team PS: Its all in the works at the moment, but it would be nice to get a good community going for now from the start.
  6. http://i403.photobucket.com/albums/pp114/wulfie2008/KrjKhnj_zpso3fcgdyp.pngThe Fighting 13th community is recruiting for new members!! - http://fighting13th.com [fighting13th.com] (fairly new website) The Fighting 13th was established July 21st, 2009 (under 13th MEU moniker before) and been active ever since. We have 200+ members from all over the world (see our member map) for the different games we play. We are a casual clan open to all who meet our requirements. We do a fair amount of competitive gaming and partake in and host events and operations. We give our rates/ranks for leadership and experience and there are dozens of awards you can earn to be showcased on your profile and posts. We value teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie, and the main goal of having a blast with each other, whether late nights or throughout the day. ​Example of some of the games we play - CS:GO / ARMA / War Thunder / LoL / World of Warships / Battlefield 3/4 + many more. We are looking for those: 1) 17 years or older 2) Who own a working microphone (TeamSpeak 3 as well) 3) Who enjoy teamwork 4) Who can behave but still have a good time 4) Able to commit a few hours each week for clan activities Our TeamSpeak address: fighting13th.teamspeak.org | If you're interested in joining, just register on our website and reference wulfie and somebody or myself will help out. visit this link to get started: http://fighting13th..../34-apply-here/ [fighting13th.com]
  7. New group just starting up with not too many members. We play whatever games we fell like at the time and will play almost any game. Recently we have been playing a lot of counter strike but we are interested in anything.We don't allow kids with high voices, bad mics, or people who are easily angered or offended. Other than that, Anyone is welcome to join and have some fun with us. The chat program we use is called Discord. It is similar to teamspeak but better in a lot of ways. You can join our Discord Here.
  8. What is LCES? Liberty City Emergency Services is a GTA IV role-playing group using the LCPD:FR modification. LCES is a group of exceptional roleplayers looking to expand their roleplaying experience with a group / community of people that are into Police Roleplay. We recruit mature players looking to get a realistic experience with Policing, but out of a game. Just because you are young, does not mean you are dismissed from joining as we give everyone a fair chance. We ask that you be professional while on patrol, follow protocol and respect your supervisors. http://lceslcpdfr.enjin.com/home
  9. We are a minecraft clan that has just started up, and we need members! My username on there is SPCForce, we have forums on our site, a neat home page, news page, media page, events page, and more to be added! We are looking for mature gamers, 13+! My eventual goal for the FireFoxClan is to get a large player base and have many minecraft servers added, including factions as one of the main ones! Currently, there is a prison server called Electrus that you can apply for on the home page! To join, go to: http://firefoxclan.shivtr.com I hope to see you there! ~SPCForce/Leader of the Foxes
  10. http://i.imgur.com/nb2SyS0.png Pwnage Entertainment Network Hey, I am Kurumi and I am one of the Managers at Pwnage Entertainment Network. We are a large and ever growing community with around 1800 members at the moment, we are planning to expand our community during December of 2015 with some new servers such as Garry's Mod : DarkRP, TTT, Jailbreak, Prophunt and Deathrun. We are also planning to create a modded minecraft server with around 50/100 slots and we hope you guys can join us but until then we have our TTT, Deathrun and Prophunt for you guys to come play on if you want to talk to fellow P.E.N players join us on our teamspeak : TS8.GAMESERVERS.COM:9198. Visit our website or steam group for more details! Website - http://pwnage-entertainment.com Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pwnage_entertainment_network Teamspeak - ts8.gameservers.com:9198
  11. Website: http://www.deathshepardsgaming.com/ TeamSpeak: ts3ds.ts.nfoservers.com Leader: DEATHREP #USMC Main Server Modes: Garrys Mod, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,Counter Strike: Source Current Servers as of 09/10/2015 Garrys Mod DarkRP- CsGo FFA: CsGo Minigames: CsGo Bhop: Garrys Mod TTT: Garrys Mod Murder: Counter Strike Source Minigames: Minecraft:minecraftserver.game.nfoservers.com:25565
  12. MIA Clan ​Here at the MIA Clan we pride ourselves in sustaining an enjoyable gaming environment. MIA was founded in 2005 by Undertaker. He wanted gamers from all over the world to have a fun social gaming community to come to. In creating the MIA Clan he created a functioning system that promotes a fun gaming experience. With our code of ethics we strive to ensure that we continue to have the best reputation in the gaming world. We have dedicated council members whom have been members of MIA for many years. They appoint Division Leaders & those Division Leaders appoint Assistant Division Leaders. Divisions, Sub Divisions & Leaders Division Division Leader Ark: Survival Evolved JackalopeHunter ArmA 3 Morgue2903 BF3, 4, Hardline MrClicks CS: GO Scorpion World of Tanks Raptor Console (PS4, XB1) Tidaslam We are always open to other games so let us know what you play! Council Members UNDERTAKER WRXS*** Andrea VMAX6 MURFTHESURF A_LUCKY_HIT MrClicks Recruit Department Kato Snowman Scorpion KILLSWITCH314 MIA Clan is a family oriented gaming community. We expect people who play on our servers to be respectful. This includes no cursing in TeamSpeak or in-game chat. Our head of security, VMAX6, works diligently to ensure that cheaters of any kind are prohibited from joining our clan. Know that when you join the MIA Clan you are joining a fair & balanced gaming community that puts a focus of having the most fun possible. If you have any questions about becoming a member of the MIA Clan feel free to join our TeamSpeak channel @ You can also get more information by visiting our website at http://miaclan.net. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Look forward to seeing you!
  13. WarPulse What is WarPulse? WarPulse is a Gaming Community founded in 2014 by Shanka and is now run by -Niall. WarPulse is growing and changing. We have started to expand our venture in becoming a successful community by making some major changes to the way our community runs, in an effort to grow, evolve and bring more people in, starting with our shiny new website and TeamSpeak server. Why would you want to join WarPulse? WarPulse is a gaming community built on the foundations of making friends and playing games, and includes many different aspects that makes us so unique. We have an active community filled with numerous personalities and friendly people to interact with, including an active staff team who are always here to help with any problems or issues you may come across. WarPulse is also a great place to find out about new games and have people to play them with on release, and maybe meet some new people that could become friends along the way. To put it simply, if you want a somewhere to be able to chat, socialise, make friends, play games and have fun, all without leaving the safety of your own bedroom, WarPulse is the answer to your prayers. Membership is free and always will be; we even have competitions and giveaways regularly so there is always something to do. If this is what you are looking for, WarPulse is the place for you. We listen to our members’ feedback and act upon it when required. We want your ideas, we want your feedback and we want you to tell us if there is something that you feel is missing, be it a feature on the site or a channel on TeamSpeak - anything is possible. So, if you’ve decided that you want to give us a shot, perfect! Signing up is extremely simple. Please just head over to www.warpulse.com and create your account. Once done, open up your TeamSpeak client and connect to ts.warpulse.com – here you’ll connect to our server and be able to begin talking to people right away, along with the luxury of enjoying the ability to play games with us, just ask anyone with a circle icon that isnt blue (Our Staff) to add your Pulsator group once you’ve signed up to the site this will give you access to all of our public and registered zones within the TS server. Thank you for signing up, and we hope you enjoy your time with us. If you require assistance, please feel free to contact any of the staff.
  14. Thank you for viewing this post about TBG clan recruitment. The mission of True Born Gamers is to become the largest, most competitive, and best gaming community on all platforms. True Born Gamers is always going to be growing and always evolving to what its members want, we will also be seeking sponsorships as we grow. Also we will be hosting events and doing giveaways as we grow larger. Anyone can join the clan as long as you follow the Codes of Conduct. You can earn a higher rank by recruiting,helping other members,ect. If you wish to know more about TBG please visit the website (still incomplete but has good progress) or contact me. Visit our clan website- www.trueborngamers.enjin.com which has our Codes of Conduct and more!
  15. Hello there we are a new clan and would like to welcome you to NFPD if you would like to join: http://goo.gl/forms/ja0TSjsQoSyjats the application we don't need any dispatchers only officers, EMS, Firefighters and more.
  16. Hello all! My name is Anthony and I thought I would help promote my gaming community! Our steam group has 342 members and we have our very own TeamSpeak server. First of all I would like to say that there really are no musts as long as you don't personally attack anyone or purposely troll, we are alright with most things as long as it doesn't affect anyone in a negative way. We play plenty of games ranging from all categories and have both European and American communities who both get along fine with each other. Ever want to play a game but have nobody to play it with? Just ask around if anyone has it. Unlike the very big clans we are a tight-knit bunch making it feel a lot more personal and fun. We have even had a few meetups between different members which on the whole have been great! Currently we are trying to set up somewhat more serious groups for Eve online, SWTOR, Planetside 2 but we have plenty of more casual groups. Plenty of these serious groups come and go depending what you are interested in and of course feel free to set up your own groups in which to invite people with. If you would like to join, hang around or just some questions we have a website you can apply on. There's no wrong answers on the small application as we accept any age, gender and anything else. It's just to sort of get a feel for what you want from the XI on a whole. Here is our website: http://thexilegiongamingcommunity.enjin.com/home
  17. Have you been searching for a gaming clan filled with fun and friendly people? Are you interested in joining a clan with at least 1500 registered members, established in 2001? Does Norse mythology interest you? Do you play games on pc, xbox 360/one or ps3/4? Perchance do you play: Warframe, Mech Warrior Online, Archeage, Payday2, Warthunder, World of Tanks, League of Legends, Smite, Halo, Borderlands, Killing Floor, Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, Destiny, Planetside 2, or even Clash of Clans (ios)? If you answered yes to any of these, then perhaps The Warriors of Æsir is the clan for you! Not to mention we play many more games, and are always looking to expand! For more information view our website here: http://www.waesir.com/hall For those desiring even more information, or who would like to be recruited, shoot me a message or reply here. I hope to see some of you out on the forums and in game
  18. www.paybacknow.nl Who are we? PayBackNow is a group of people who like to have a good time while playing FPS online games. Currently we are focused on Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) ,Battlefield 3 (BF3), League Of Legends (LOL) , PayDay and many other games. We use a Teamspeak server for in game communication.The Gaming Community PayBackNow is created as a fun, laid back gaming environment to give gamersfor any game a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world.The community strives off of member activity and the more that members are involved the more the community grows.So we don't just stick to one game, rather try to have as many games as possible associated with the community. Please feel free to come and play pugs with us, check out our website and forums for our next pug date we look forward to having you on our servers! Our motto is "We do not care how good you are, all we want you to do is have fun while playing in our servers!" www.paybacknow.nl
  19. Hey everyone. I would like to start up a little gaming group (nothing big at the moment) just a few people doing what we do best (having endless hours of fun playing and commenting on games). At the moment I am looking for two people: • One to be in charge of the PlayStation division • And one to be in charge the PC division I myself will be in charge of the Xbox division, preferably people 18 or older (exceptions can be made because if you are a true gamer at heart your age wouldn't make a difference) that have a real passion for gaming and are able to dissect and see all the way to the inner core of the games they play. I see a lot of potential for something like this as long as the people starting it are enthusiastic enough. So let me know if you are interested and if you will be able to be in charge of one of the divisions. Thanks for your time and HAPPY GAMING!
  20. http://i62.tinypic.com/hsjlw1.png Black-Legion is a gaming community founded in 2002, we have been a successful gaming community for this duration playing games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2. We can provide an experience for members of all preferences be it hardcore gaming or just casual fun. We have a strong member base of around 40 members none of which are forgotten about! We are a community before anything and we are looking for players who speak fluent English and are interested in a casual gaming experience, we have members ranging from the age of 17-30 and anyone is welcome to join us! We have two dedicated servers which are powerful enough to run numerous game server simultaneously so everyone's needs are satisfied, we currently run several public and private servers for numerous games. We take pride in our weekly events for our main games such as ArmA III, Insurgency and Red Orchestra 2 which gather a turn out of 20+ members. We are looking for members who can respect other people, have commitment towards the clan, communicate in and out of game, can create a positive atmosphere and people who are genuinely going to get engaged into the clan as we feel the more that you put into the community the more you get out of it, developing relationships with other members makes this an experience not easily forgotten. If you wish to join Black-Legion you can formally register on our website or join our TeamSpeak 3 Server at ts3:// and seek an Administrator for more information! We would like to point out that your application to the clan is very important as it gives us an insight to who you are and if you we would like to accept you into our community. http://i60.tinypic.com/2hqgdpv.jpg
  21. Hello, Wanted to present our Clan here. Saints and Sinners We are quite new Clan and this is my first own Clan and own first server. Here are some details: IP: MOD: silEnT 0.8.1 Protocol:ET 2.60b Gametype:Campaign Bots:Yes (but can be removed) Slots: 27+3 Settings: - Antilag is Enabled - FriendlyFire is Enabled - Heavy Weapons Restrictions are Enabled - Balanced Teams are Enabled - Punkbuster protected - silEnT AC Enabled - g_recognition is Enabled - g_enabledDemolition is Enabled Current map rotation is with 40 maps. More info and rules at: www.saints-sinners.org Everyone is welcomed to play and have fun.
  22. Looking for a family-friendly place to squad up and have fun? Join IGN! We are looking for active players. Our age limit is 16yrs+. If you like drama-free groups join us! International Gaming Network was formed on December of 2013. With the help of our members, IGN will be a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone. We currently play Battlefield: Play4Free, DayZ, League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of WarCraft. IGN is a DRAMA-FREE community. We are accepting people from all around the world that are 16 years old and higher. Our main goal here at IGN is to not only grow but to also make this community safe and enjoyable for others. IGN is split up into divisions. The active divisions that we support right now are Battlefield: Play4Free, DayZ, League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of WarCraft. Each division has a DL (Division Leader) and an ADL( Assistant Division Leader). We are a balanced community and what that means is that we don't focus on just one genre of games. We like FPS, MMO, Strategy, etc. We are recruiting for all of them! All we want is to just have fun and socialize. So if you are interested all of our information is listed below! Website: http://igncommunity.enjin.com/ TeamSpeak 3 Server: http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ign.tempestgamers.com/ (YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING MICROPHONE)
  23. Anyone looking for a fun, fair 100% cheater-free clan, look no further than Fearless Assassins. We are one big F|Amily! Just to be clear, this is not my clan, only one that I am extremely proud to be a Staff member of, and am confident of its reputation and standards. We do not play for rating (although individuals may, as long as it doesn't cause them to be whiners etc), we play for fun, and to create a good atmosphere for our regulars. We have 9-10 public ET servers and many other servers for other games such as COD, BF3, Brink etc. We are a relaxed community, but maintain equality and fair gaming across all our servers. We are totally anti-cheating and completely pro-enjoyment. Currently holding 3 Founders, 19 Leaders, 25 Co-Leaders, 273 Members, 89 Trial Members, and several staff members (and counting!), we are a fairly large gaming community but with the atmosphere of a small family. We love F|A, and we hope you'll love F|A too! You can find us at the Fearless Assassins Community Forums
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