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Apple's App Store prices are set to rise in Europe

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Bad news, app fans - it looks like if you're in any country that's a part of the European Union or in Canada or Norway prices in the App Store will soon be increasing.

On the other hand if you're lucky enough to live in Iceland you should see prices go down, while Russia will be subject to an undefined 'change' in pricing, which sounds a bit scary.

That's according to Apple Insider, which was forwarded a message sent by Apple's App Store team to iTunes Connect members. The message explains that the changes are being made to account for VAT rates and foreign exchange rates, which will likely mean that different countries will see different changes, even with the EU.

Exactly how much the prices will change is unclear, but the message was sent on Wednesday and states that changes would be implemented within 36 hours, so we should see the new prices in action soon enough.

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