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Download of the Day: Docs for Facebook

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Create and collaborate on Microsoft documents free of charge with all your Facebook friends by using Docs for Facebook.

Why you need it

With so many free ways to create documents out there it's sometimes difficult to pick one out that has everything you need. No need to worry as anything with the Microsoft name attached is classed in the more reliable category and Docs for Facebook more than fits the bill.

In its most basic form, Docs for Facebook has been created to let all Facebook users work together on documents using web-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having to pay for the full version of each application.

There are two ways in which collaboration can be fostered using Docs for Facebook with members of the site able to share it with everyone, certain groups, all their friends, individual friends or nobody else. Friends can then be set up as viewers, which lets them look but not edit the document, or editors, who can edit and then save the document. Viewers can also download the document in either view-only or an editable mode, and that is down to the discretion of the creator.

Documents, presentations and spreadsheets can then be saved to either the OneDrive storage service, if you have a profile, or locally. These can then be opened in any version of Word, PowerPoint or Excel and shared by email or using another method. It also works the other way as you can upload and open documents created in other versions of the Office suite to then be shared with other Facebook users so that they can edit them.

Avid Facebook users looking to share documents with their pals and small businesses that want to aid collaboration across locations will find a lot to get excited about by logging on to Docs for Facebook and giving it a try.

Key features

Works on: Windows 7 and 8.1

Price: Free

Office for Free: Use the three main elements completely free of charge just so long as you have an active Facebook account.

Collaborate on any document: No matter whether it was created using Docs for Facebook or not, users can work together on it.

Choose the level of collaboration: The owner of the document can choose who should be able to see the document and whether or not they can edit it or not, whilst also setting permissions on its state when downloaded.



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