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The Bud-E Smart Fridge

Night Hunter

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A  number of unsuccessful smart refrigerators from manufacturers like Samsung and LG over the years. And now Bud Light is trying its hand at connected cooling with a new app-enabled beer fridge that has Wi-Fi built right in. Dubbed the "Bud-E" (and slathered on all sides in Bud Light-blue branding), the new smart mini-fridge will be available online at Bud Light's website for $600. But first there'll be an initial test run in California where the price will be discounted by half, to $300.
The fridge underneath that coat of bright blue paint is the Linq IQ, developed by Buzz Products, a design firm with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Linq IQ is licensed exclusively to Anheuser Busch, so for now it'll only come in the Bud Light-themed design. Or, if you're in Canada, you can get it in a red Budweiser finish.
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