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Metal Gear Online Receiving New Maps, Survival Mode and More

Night Hunter

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Hideo Kojima may be gone from Konami but the publisher is still pushing support for Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer mode of Metal Gear Soldi 5: The Phantom Pain.
Konami recently revealed on Twitter that, “New DLC planned for MGO, including new maps, Survival, and more! Further details to come.”
A new update is also currently available for the game which reduces the amount of XP required for leveling up and adjusts weapon values. For instance, the stun grenade will no longer blind you if you’re not facing it. The shotgun has also had its knockback range increased while the readying speed for machine guns and the SERVAL AMR-7 have been reduced.
It also seems that Konami will be looking to make reviving team-mates slightly more difficult in a future update.
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