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Bizarre assortment of random items pulled from Regent's Canal

Night Hunter

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Ever wondered what was lurking beneath the surface of London's Regent's Canal?
Quite a bit from the looks of it.
A treasure trove of bizarre objects has been dredged up in a massive clean up of Regent's Canal.
The haul included a wheel of a discarded bicycle, a rusty shopping trolley and a mud-stained mobile phone.
The Canal and River Trust drained the Kentish Town lock of 50,000 gallons of water to replace its lock gates.
Dumped items also included a digital camera, a car tyre and tattered pieces of clothing.
Wedged eight feet below the surface, they were were fished out this morning during the maintenance job.
Hundreds of people watched as the canal was opened to the public.
Graham Smith, Canal and River Trust construction supervisor, told Mail Online : "The lock gates haven't been replaced since the early 1990s, so this was a really rare opportunity for visitors."
Last October, the capital's canal - which runs from Mile End Stadium to Limehouse Basin - was drained for maintenance as part of a £45million countrywide scheme to keep the country's waterway system in good working order.
Paris' Canal Saint-Martin was recently drained for cleaning for the first time since 2001.
Among more than 40 tons of waste removed was gold coins, a WW1 shell and even a car.
This time round, it's was a little less glamorous, with wheelie bins, bicycles and mopeds among the recovered items .


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