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Database got corrupted?


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We've been running fine for years, and for some reason our database suddenly got corrupted.


I found this in the logs:


20:44:07 *=====CLOSING DATABASE 
20:44:07 OS Error: Failed to flush file. 
20:44:07 OS Error: Failed to flush file. 
Then on the next map: 
20:44:07 * Opening user database file userdb.db. 
20:44:07 * Opening user database file userxdb.db. 
20:44:07 File Error: Failed to read data from file. 
20:44:07 Existing userxdb.db file is for wrong server version or corrupted. 
20:44:07 *=====DATABASE IS NOT IN USE 
I've removed the corrupted userdb.db file, the userxdb.db file was actually 0 KB in size.    
Is there any way to attempt to recover this data?
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