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Microsoft details new Windows 10 privacy controls are on the way

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Windows 10 hasn't had the greatest track record when it comes to respecting the privacy of its users, but Microsoft is trying to turn things around with some new hardy updates.

Announced in a blog post, the Redmond-based company is building a new web-based privacy dashboard that will allow users users to see and control their data. This includes location tracking, searching and browsing histories, and Cortana Notebook data accrued through every Windows device the user owns.


Secondly, Microsoft is also introducing a new privacy setup that both newcomers to Windows 10 and existing users will see. The new setup menu essentially breaks down user privacy data into more distinct categories and more clearly showing the effects of turning off and on settings.


Furthermore, Microsoft is has eliminated the Enhanced diagnostic data level collection option, leaving only full and basic. At the same time, data collected at the basic level has been further reduced to simply keeping Windows up to date, noting what apps are installed and sending out rudimentary error reports. 

Overall, this is a huge net decrease in the amount of information Microsoft gathers about its users. 

These two updates will be first seen in a Windows 10 Insider Build for early feedback and Microsoft promises to roll them out for everyone with the Creators Update.

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