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Download of the day: BitComet

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BitComet is a cross between a torrent client and a download manager, so in addition to torrents and magnet links, it can download files from remote servers.

BitComet looks incredibly old school – it’s like Windows Explorer from the early 1990s – but it’s fast, effective and won’t try to install a billion toolbars in your web browser (although there is an Internet Explorer toolbar if you want it). The ageing interface is actually a plus, because it’s so familiar there’s virtually no learning curve. 

Why you need it

BitComet is very different from traditional clients, and not just in its support for other download options such as UDP, Magnet and trackerless links. It avoids constantly accessing your hard disk by remaining in memory as much as possible, it enables you to preview things you’re downloading, and it tries very hard to identify seeders that can enable you to move a stuck download from 99% to 100%. You can set speed limits, prioritize specific downloads and download from multiple FTP or HTTP sources simultaneously.

It isn’t pretty to look at, but it’s pretty good and pretty easy to use. If you need more than just torrents, BitComet is definitely worth a try.

Download here: BitComet

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