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XP Save configuration

07 June 2017 - 10:58 PM



I have been offline with et for a while.

But after 3 years, it started to ich again:P

I played a little with some old sfs members on F|A.

So i wanted a private fun server again.


Gaoesa and Helreturn still here? If yes, a big HI from me.

Maybe they still remember this old noob :P


I rented a server from Fragwise with Silent again, but i run, as usual in to some setting problems :P

I found out after 3 years many things changed, haha.


I can not get the xp save working, after each map xp is 0 again.

Below are my settings.

Can one of you helpers here see what i done wrong?


I can not see in my server config if i run 0.8.2 or 0.9.0, does that matter for xp save settings?


// XP Save configuration
set g_XPSave 4
// Only stored XP
set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "365d"
// Stored XP and all rating values
set g_XPSaveMaxAge "365d"
set g_damageXP "1"
set g_damageXPLevel "50"
set g_maxXP "9000"
set g_xpdecay "0"
set g_xpdecayrate "0"
set g_xpdecayfloor "1"
//set g_punkbuster 1