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    Gaming, Compoundbow Shooting, Heavy Metal, Aikido, Krav-Maga, Tosa-Inu Dogs.
    Don't fear the person that has done 10,000 techniques once. Fear the person that has done one technique 10,000 times. Sun Tzu.

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  1. Happy Birthday Tosa_Inu!
  2. Happy Birthday Tosa_Inu!
  3. Happy Birthday Tosa_Inu!
  4. Could you please give me a e-mail adres in pm? Than i can use a wetransfer link. And send that to you, you can klik on that link in the mail you get. I never used megaupload, and don't understand it.
  5. I copy text, and send it as a pm to you.
  6. I hope you have enough for this file only? wm_quickmessageAlt_silEnT.menu The whole pack is to big to upload here. Hmm i get a error when i try this. Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Hmm do you have a e-mail adres where you can recieve a 10 mb file? (the whole sound-pack) Or is this menu enough? Thats 20,9 kB
  7. Hi, Thanks for responding. Can i e-mail that file to you? Its 10 mb soundpack You can upload up to 2.93MB of files (Max. single file size: 2.93MB)
  8. wm_quickmessageAlt.menu is renamed to wm_quickmessageAlt_silEnT.menu But the sounds still don't work, i still see standard v sounds. Is there anything else to be renamed? Or is there someone here who is willing to check my pk3 file for me? I do not understand why this had to be changed. Pack worked well in older versions. Tosa
  9. I have more than 12, v-sound packs, they always worked, silent, jaymod, nitmod. I had server in 0.8.2 they worked, in 0.9.0 they dont. Same settings, same files. Maybe?? i should send you the soundpack, so you test them on your server? There 10 mb.
  10. There is a silent directory in the redirect. But it gets weirder. I have v-say sounds and hit sounds in same pack, i removed from silent en silent redirect the soundpack, i uploaded them again. Now my custom hit sounds works, but the v-say sounds is still the standard one. Is there a setting to use in silent.cfg, to enable custom v-sounds?
  11. There in silent directory map. There not downloading from fast server redirect, silent directory. Maps from et-main are downloaded, the things in the silent directory not. The path to server redirect is correctly set in silent.cfg. I have them my selfs inside my local et files, so normaly it should work for me. But i only hear standard silent mod hitsounds, and standard v says menu. So they dont work, in 0.8.2 they worked, in older versions to.
  12. Thanks for helping, Fragwise updated silent to 0.9.0 now it all works. But i have a new problem now, our custom made soundpacks and skinpacks, suddendly does not work anymore. In version 0.8.5 and older versions those 2 packs work, but not in 0.9.0???? I tryed them in silent and et-main folder, there on the redirect and also in my own game files. But in server online they dont work. How can this be? Tosa
  13. Is it possible to delete the user.db form the server, and create a new one? Does Silent does this automatic, or do i need to upload a new one? I think that all problems above are cause by the userdb.db that stays empty. Nothing gets written in to there. How do i fix that, Silent 0.8.2 Or is version 0.8.2 bugged with this problem? Please help me, or is the forum death?
  14. I empty userdb.db and after 3 hours playing it stay empty. All in it is this: SLEnT UDB v0.4
  15. Thanks for responding. its most likely because you've copied the old database over as well, No i did not. You ment i should delete the userdb.db, and than the server makes a new one automaticly? Without crashing the server? If you have your paths set correctly it will be using the server.cfg from with in your silent directory and not your etmain. I have not done this, i also cannot see it, its made by game server provider Fragwise. you should also when its working change the name of your silent.cfg file to something else to make it harder for other people to make changes if they ever get in. Yes, in my old server i have doen that to, many gameproviders think its not needed are you using a windows or linux based server ? I have no idea, can i see that somewhere? I do not know what Fragwise is using. I posted here because if i make a trouble ticket it takes 2 to 3 days before they respond on it. So i try to fix it my self, with help from here. That helped me years ago also better than the slow help of game providers. Maybe they should hire someone from here, to respond and fix trouble tickets What i found strange that the server did not load the silent.cfg, i personalized, but a clean version of it. But now it runs the personalized, since i ad: exec silent.cf in server.cfg. Tosa
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