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    Tosa_Inu reacted to purplelebaus in XP Save configuration   
    in silent mod the wm_quickmessageAlt.menu is renamed to wm_quickmessageAlt_silEnT.menu you'll need to adjust your vsays to match.
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    Tosa_Inu reacted to JohnDory in XP Save configuration   
    yes, you've not got your paths set correctly.
    when your in game and you do
    !help in console do you get any response ? if not you need to check the paths to silent directory, shrubbot commands and xpsave can have the same problems.
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    Tosa_Inu reacted to JohnDory in XP Save configuration   
    in your start up line you need
    +set fs_homepath "silent" your xp save files are in the database directory, in our case this is in our et install directory server/silent/database and is set in your silent.cfg file
    // Shrubbot and Database set g_dbDirectory "database" once you get the shrubbot working your xpsave will work as they use the same directory.
    for doing rcon commands we find it easier to use rcon unlimited
    when you do a command in that you should a result strasight away, to check another way check in the console, the server log will show where its trying to save the xp to or will show an error saving it.
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    Tosa_Inu got a reaction from hellreturn in Highend Game pc   
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    Tosa_Inu got a reaction from hellreturn in A little gift for the help   
    Hellreturn and Gaoesa thanks for helping me with my server problems.
    I made a little gift trough paypall for the both of you.
    If Gaoesa have a different paypal account for his servers than Hellreturns might want to share this with him, cos i seen it went to fearlessassins.
    I used the donation button on this site.
    Regards Tosa
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    Tosa_Inu reacted to hellreturn in ET-Minimod: Zestweapons (Final)   
    These weapons are based on actual weapons that have been produced at sometime in History, not necessarily WWII.Download:

    --> Zestweapons
    You get Gold Colt 45/45's with Ivory Grips, Nickel Plated Luger/Lugers with Rosewood Grips, and Gold Knife/Knives with Ivory Handles. Firepower, Capacity, etc. are unaffected, this is only a skin pack.
    The Pistols will work for single, dual, and silenced modes.
    Knives work drawn, thrown, and lying around in the game, if your Mod supports this.
    Depending on your Mod you may see Gold magazines and/or Gold Silencers for the Colt/Colts, same with the Luger/Lugers in respect to Nickel Plating.
    You also get an ingame cursor to match the knife.
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    Tosa_Inu reacted to hellreturn in Omnibots   
    At which location you are loading omni bots?
    omni-bot folder, should be right besides next to silent folder.
    Don't set the path. There is no need to set path. Mod will auto search for omni bots files in 2 default path:
    1. Besides the silent mod folder.
    2. Inside the silent mod folder.
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    Tosa_Inu reacted to hellreturn in Omnibots   
    Tosa, PM your FTP access if that's fine and I will fix it up for you.
    Sometimes, server OS glib version can also be an issue. If you like to fix it by yourself then:
    1. Use g_log 2 in your server.cfg

    set g_log "server.log" // Game logging //set g_logsync "0" set logfile "2" // Console logging ( 1: enable 2: enable and sync )
    2. Restart server.
    3. It will put all errors in your etconsole.log
    4. zip the error log and PM it to me or to any management member or just post it here.
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    Tosa_Inu got a reaction from hellreturn in Screenshots   
    I played a little on the test server, currently i am bussy with my game provider to set up my own.
    The tripmines look cool.
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