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Enemy Territory Soundpack

2 files

  1. z_spreesounds.pk3

    Spree sounds pk3 ready for use with silent mod.



  2. silentsoundpack1.pk3

    This is a very small pk3 file I made for my silent mod server. It adds the jaymod body hit sound, and a heavy gunfire sound for the PPSh-41 machine gun.
    It contains two sound files, and a tiny text file used to assign the gunfire to the PPSh-41.
    It is intended to be as small and efficient as possible, in keeping with the intent of the silent mod.
    To use, download the zip file and change the extension from "zip" to "pk3". You don't have to open it or anything. Then add this silentsoundpack1.pk3 file to your "silent" folder on your server. If you have a redirect server, be sure to add a copy there too.
    The gunfire sound works best when the damage is raised to 24 for the PPSh-41, making it a "heavier" weapon to add fun to the game.
    You may modify these sounds for your own custom pk3 for your server. No warranty or claim of ownership is implied.



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