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Omni-bot ET 0.91

About This File

Omni bot ET files

What's New in Version 0.91   See changelog


macOS is supported

=== BOT ===
Improved waypoints drawing (incompatible with older omnibot mods !)
Added config option Script/EndGameStats, which prints gm scripts memory usage at the end of game
Added GetGoals parameter can be a hash number instead of a regular expression
Added QueryGoals filter CheckRange
Added TraceLine parameter CONTENT.PLAYERCLIP
Fixed Wp.Connect blockable connections
Fixed invalid characters in goal names
Optimized RegexMatch, SetAvailableMapGoals, SetGoalPriority

=== MOD ===
Changed aarch64 file name to omnibot_et.aarch64.so
Fixed GetEntityTeam of spawns
Fixed syscall crash on 64bit
Removed message Omni-bot Loaded Successfully

=== GOALS ===
Changed stuckages logging is disabled by default
Improved role's crucialClass can be a table of classes
Improved bot closer to the player delivers supplies
Improved camp goal can be moved during game
Improved mortar aim target can move during game
Improved mortar asks for ammo sooner after fieldops respawn
Added Map.DontShootMortar to stop shooting of mortars temporarily
Fixed soldiers don't select mortar or mobile mg42 weapon if they don't have a role for a goal
Fixed bots select weapons during warmup or after changing class
Fixed MaxViewDistance of snipers when changing difficulty

=== SCRIPTS ===
Changed paththrough navigation can use this instead of _this parameter
Improved Util.SetGoalRange, Util.RemoveGoal, Util.ForceRouting parameter can be a regular expression
Fixed ETUtil.FindUsableCorpse skipped the first corpse

=== WEAPONS ===
Added MP34 in legacy mod
Changed soldiers with mobilemg42 take 2 ammo packs from cabinets

=== COMMANDS ===
Added wp_check which finds duplicated waypoints
Added aim_pos has optional trace parameter
Added parameter toggle to waypoint_view

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