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Enemy Territory Mods

7 files

  1. silEnT mod Server Modules

    Along with the 0.9.0 version of the silEnT mod the Extension Modules (aka Server Modules) were added.
    They allow to extend server mod with additional functionalities via loadable modules.
    Currently 2 modules are available:
    Statistics Module, Censor Module.

    Both can be enabled/disabled and configured in dedicated configuration.
    Documentation is provided inside the Server Modules zip package or can be found in our wiki.



  2. silEnT

    Enemy Territory modification.
    Special thanks for Krauersaut for building the Mac OS X client.



  3. Omni-bot ET

    Omni bot ET files



  4. Jaymod Source Code

    This is the source for the last release of Jaymod, which is version 2.2.0.
    This source is bound to the original terms from id Software. On top of that, Jaybird is releasing this source under the Apache 2.0 license. Feel free to use this codebase as you please, as long as both licenses are bundled and proper credit is given.



  5. silentvenom1.pk3

    This file changes the PPSh-41 into a venom gun. It does not change the underlying settings of the PPSh-41.
    This file also contains the same jaymod body hitsound as the silentsoundpack1.pk3 file. Do not use the silentsoundpack1.pk3 on the same server as this file. They will conflict with each other.
    To use, download the zip file and change the extension from "zip" to "pk3". You don't have to open it or anything. Then add this silentvenom1.pk3 file to your "silent" folder on your server. If you have a redirect server, be sure to add a copy there too.
    You may modify this file for your own server. No warranty or claim of ownership is implied.



  6. Jaymod

    Enemy Territory Mod - Jaymod



  7. Enhanced Mod

    added in version 1.0.9d:
    - VoteMap mode added (g_em_votemap 1).
    - find the Xmas grinch. (a hidden fun command).
    - fixed a jaymod(2.1.7/20080125-2.1.8) non-ascii character in userinfo vulnerability issue.
    - cmd shortcuts.
    - few fixes.
    added in version 1.0.9:
    - added custom command system, ex. !getpbss (enhmod_commands.db).
    ability to define custom commands like !speed !gravity !monsterkill etc.
    with !mycmds its possibile to check per level based amount of available custom commands.
    - !pumpgunwar fun command.
    - MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS experimental fix.
    - dual akimbo fix(ammo only in one pistol issue corrected).
    - g_countryflags in synergy with enhanced hud.
    · 1 : Enable
    · 0 : Disable
    - g_flagsbehaviour
    · "random" (random flag for bots)
    · [ipaddress] (custom ip to define bots country flag, ex "" for italy)
    - improved forcecvar, instantly on a player connect (to do in forcecvarfile.cfg).
    - forcecvarex (to do in forcecvarfile.cfg).
    ex: forcecvarex cg_fov IN 90 120
    · EQ or EQUAL
    · G or GREATER
    · L or LOWER
    · IN or INSIDE
    · OUT or OUTSIDE
    · INC or INCLUDE
    · EXC or EXCLUDE
    - g_adrenenalinecls, controls which class carry adrenaline.
    · 1 : Soldier
    · 2 : Medic
    · 4 : Engineer
    · 8 : Field Ops
    · 16 : CovertOps
    - g_drawAttackerHP
    · 1 console
    · 2 on screen
    Changelog version 1.0.8:
    - forcecvar, a serverside command forces clients to set specific values for cvars
    (example: in your "mapconfigs\[default.cfg||mapname.cfg]" - "forcecvar cl_maxpackets 100").
    - new !midget fun command.
    - in config "advancedplayerinfo" flag added, [enable/disable] player advanced informations on connect.
    - improved logging, more infos on security issues based kicks.
    Note: In order to get working forcecvar, you need to add the package "Enhanced HUD", otherwise a optional choice.
    Changelog version 1.0.7:
    - Added a additional command + level system, now Enhanced Mod support own jaymod like fun commands.
    - New commands: !impact !antirush !warn !crazydisguise, !riflewar, !pistolwar, !country, !freeze, !unfreeze, !disarm.
    - Built-in referee access exploit protection.
    - /callvote vulnerability fixed.
    - Antirush protection prevents player from finish maps until a admin defined timeout is passed.
    - Antirush System reworked(added !antirush_add, !antirush_del) + examples for all standard maps.
    - Multikill detection(enhmodv107.pk3 needed for client sounds).
    - Invalid Guid - spoof protection.
    - Improvements.
    - Last attacker health in console.
    - Included whole stuff from previous versions (see below).
    changelog version 1.0.3:
    - A powerful flexible xml configuration enables the possibilty to write you own weapon settings for each class/team.
    - Conditional respawn settings(for example "IF" the medic carry a Thompson automaticaly he own also a MP40).
    - Multiple primary weapon settings.
    - Startammo and additional ammo in clip defined by xml config.
    - Molotov possibile now for all classes!
    - New possibile behaviour of the rifle nade launcher(no reload needed!)
    - Experimental doublejump modification(standardly disabled).
    - On a new player connection a info message like:
    "enhmod: ETPlayer connected with ip: 95.223.***.***:27960(Germany) client version: xxx" appear.
    - First headshot message.
    Installation notes:



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