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  1. You have to create some ATTACK or DEFEND goals. Then use function SetAvailableMapGoals to enable or disable these goals.
  2. I will add possibility to set multiple navigation flags in the next Omni-bot version.
  3. A table can't be passed to Wp.SetWaypointFlag. But you can use regular expressions. You can append .* to the parameter.
  4. I only set omnibot_enable and omnibot_path. Other cvars are default. I have installed iortcw-1.51c. When I compiled s4ndmod, I added RTCW_VERSION_0_83 into the header file code/game/Omnibot/rtcw/RTCW_Config.h. I only tested a dedicated server. I don't know how to build client binaries. There is no makefile in cgame folder.
  5. set m01 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr m02" set m02 "map mp_base; set nextmap vstr m03" set m03 "map mp_beach; set nextmap vstr m04" set m04 "map mp_castle; set nextmap vstr m05" set m05 "map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr m06" set m06 "map mp_village; set nextmap vstr m01" vstr m01
  6. I installed s4ndmod on Linux and it works. Maybe you have some bad config.
  7. Hello, This error is not related to bots. It happens during nextmap, so there must be something wrong in your mod. Nobody can help you if you didn't publish your source code. I would recommend to use GitHub.
  8. Did you read the wiki ? The cappoint must be created by these commands when you are standing at the exit: /bot goal_create cappoint transmitter /bot goal_save I attached gm script which disables PLANT_2transmitter7 goal so that engineers do not drop dynamite near the transmitter. basor2light.gm
  9. I made waypoints for KT_G-Rush. You can download them from GitHub.
  10. I tried that map but got errors GeneratePermanentShader - MAX_SHADERS HIT and a lot of textures are missing. It's impossible to steal the tank. I cannot win because I don't know how to get in the bank. It looks like it was converted from the original official goldrush map. You can use goldrush.way from ET and rename it to goldrush_b2.way.
  11. I found the s4ndmod source code on GitHub. I did not find CU mod. It would be helpful if you could share it.
  12. To shoot windows you have to add this line into the OnBotJoin function: bot.TargetBreakableDist = 90.0; New scripts already have that line, then just delete //~ You can use regular expressions .* to enable all MOUNTMG42 and REPAIRMG42 goals: SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, true, ".*MG42_.*" );
  13. You've converted the waypoints successfully. Now you should create some goals. Add a CAPPOINT goal at the ship so that Allies know where to take the documents Add three GRENADE goals to destroy barriers on the beach Enable MOUNTMG42 goals for Axis team Change priorities. CHECKPOINT_beach_flag should have the same priority as FLAG_War_Documents. Create routes.
  14. Why don't you want to use omnibot mod ? Is Pubj better ? Are there any features in Pubj mod which are not in omnibot mod ?
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