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  1. I uploaded new omnibot mod binaries for Windows 32bit to my Google drive.
  2. I will increase MAX_MENUS from 64 to 128 in the next Omnibot mod version.
  3. The problem is that the file is very long and there are too many menus. Only 35 menus work. Others are ignored. Which version of RTCW do you have ? I use iortcw-1.51c.
  4. I tried it, but I can't open menus after Goal Options.
  5. It's ok to upload it to the Assembla. Can you create a new RTCW folder in the repository root ?
  6. 32bit version is only required for mods (SilEnT, n!tmod, Jaymod, NoQuarter, ...). But if you want to make waypoints, it is much easier to install 64bit ET:Legacy, because it does not depend on any packages or libraries. The 64bit ET:Legacy works on many 64bit Linux distros. I tested it on Ubuntu and Debian. Your et_powescape waypoints are for old Omni-bot 0.8. You should update Omni-bot to version 0.9.
  7. It's a bug in the legacy mod since version 2.76. It happens on all maps with multiple MG42s. The same problem is on goldrush map. I created an issue on Github.
  8. I have just moved commands stuckstart, stucknext, saveplayerpos, saveusepoint, warpanybot, warptogoaloffset, cleargoalflags from et to global_scripts so that they can be used both in ET and RTCW.
  9. Hi Those commands were not coded into RTCW mod. I added them to GitHub now. They will be included in the next Omni-bot version. Will you make any waypoints for RTCW ?
  10. If you need to suspend mortar shooting for a specific goal, you can try to change Map.DontShootMortar to this.MapGoal.DontShootMortar.
  11. I committed modified goal_mobilemortar.gm to SVN, so it's available to all.
  12. The command dontshoot is used to disable attacking enemies. It does not work for scripted goals (mortar, grenade, airstrike). You can modify line 72 in file goal_mobilemortar.gm: if (!Map.DontShootMortar) { this.Bot.FireWeapon(); } Then set Map.DontShootMortar in planted/defused/destroyed triggers.
  13. Hello Beer, thank you for giving me access to your Github project. I fixed the mg42 so that bots can use them and repair them.
  14. Only Beer knows why this is happening. He is the only one who can fix it. I can't do anything because I don't have Pub mod or cU engine. He refused to give them to me. I don't understand why he wants to keep his mods private. s4ndmod is free and open source. Everybody can download it. It works with Omni-bot 0.90, if you update the version number and recompile it from source code.
  15. Where have you found the waypoints ? Can you add them to the SVN repository ? You can use Server.MinClassCount to add more covert ops to the game.
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