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Ranks dissappear

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A step in the right direction
Playing on my 2.55+ server that's running Silentmod, I recently logged in and noticed that while I had +2000 xp, I had no ranking in classes. After I played this way for a bit and although XP did accumulate, I didn't not receive any ranks during that time. This did "cure" itself once I restarted ET and reconnected.

If anything else could be provided, I'm happy to help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If this is not suitable for a "bug", would a mod please move to the appropriate section. Thanks.

Screenshot provided to assist my bad explanation of what was going on. My apologies for such a dark screen..its a side effect of using etmin prior to launching my SS program.

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I think that is indeed a bug.

I have no idea what casues it though. Can you tell us the mod version you are using and other informations about the used XP save settings. Also, if you could give us steps to reproduce the bug it would be great.

Thank you for reporting.




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A step in the right direction
My apologies for not checking back sooner. I've attempted to recreate the bug myself, but have been unsuccessful.

I was playing from the 2.55 client at the time, using 2.55+ server side.
Using Silent mod ver. 0.1.4

Current XP settings 
set g_XPSave 7
set g_XPDecay 0
set g_XPDecayFloor 0.0
set g_XPDecayRate 0.0
set g_XPSaveFile "xpsave.cfg"		//xpsave file
set g_XPSaveMaxAge 864000000000
set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp 45d
set g_damageXP 1
set g_maxXP -1
set g_resetXPMapCount 0
set g_damageXPLevel 50

I currently have no skill_ settings for any classes

In all honesty this is simply the same cfg I used while running Pub, and have not currently optimized most server settings for Silent mod. Due to time constraints I have been unable to put the mod through it's paces.

If this is something particular to the way the XP settings currently are, I'm more than happy to implement a change in the settings.

Also if there is more info I could provide to help out, let me know. :D




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A step in the right direction

have you had a try updating the mod version? also can i see you skill Levels cvars. also check this cvar is set to 0,

set g_noSkillUpgrades 0


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