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  1. thanks guys wicked stuff
  2. nice man seems the mod will beat NQ
  3. Hello, This is a test server for Silent 0.4.0 feel free to as for any passwords Regards, Adrian
  4. Thanks for the Info we will be waiting.
  5. Hello, Hey there guys first Merry Christmas Everyone, I would like to offer Silent mod to be placed In our YCN control panel so it can get more know and easy to install for clients as we get alot tickets about that so if you (Developers) agree am more happy to install this into YCN-hosting control panel. Regards, Adrian
  6. Hello, This Silent mod dose not require an etpub installation make a new fresh installation name the mod folder silent and just upload it to your game server and it should work also you have the instructions in the zip file where you download the mod also where do you host if i can ask, Mod download link, http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/topic/167-silent-release-020/ Regards, MoAzER
  7. The Mod it self Looking much better than the etpub +1 guys for the work.
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