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Killing spree sounds?

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I know that another topic was started before but there was no answer as to how he fixed the problem? I was told last time to use the Kspree settings but my server provider will not install the files needed to use them.... I have tried a lot of different ways but still nothing even with the new 0.3.3 version of the silent mod.

I have even come to the point of editing the silent.pk3 sound folder and add the killing spree sound in there. Then add it to the server with all the spree sounds inside the .pk3 file. But of coarse I have not done this yet and will not as it maybe a breach of copy write on my behalf.

So if there is another way of actually using the killing spree sounds or another .pk3 for killing sounds please let me know. My server has been running for a while now with no spree sound or multi-kill sounds etc.... The player want it but I can't deliver.



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If the lua is problematic, use the built-in spree/multikill system ;)

Everything in in the docs.

First off, set the right value for g_spreeOptions in your server config:


    Options to control the display of killingsprees.

    Type: bitmask

    1	Enable killingsprees
    2	Enable killingspree ends
    4	Enable multikills
    8	When set, a top 3 current killing sprees message will be printed every minute, similar to binoc masters, and a map's longest killing spree will be printed every two minutes
    16	At the beginning of the intermission the highest spree and the 3 highest sprees which are still active will be shown
    32	/kill will end a spree
    64	Teamswitching will end a spree
    128	Multikill messages will be delayed g_multikillTime milliseconds, to prevent the doublekill -> multikill -> megakill -> etc. flooding
    256	Killing bots doesn't count for multikills or killingsprees (Note: they DO count for ending kill/deathsprees)
    512	Display the map and overall spree record when entering intmission
    1024	Summary: don't enable this flag if you don't have enabled g_spreeOptions flag 512 OR g_XPSave flag 16 or Shrubbot flag t
    Spree records are automatically saved into XPSave file when a map ends. By enabling this flag, you also store the spreerecord at the points where g_XPSave flag 16 would store XP. When you don't have set XPSave flag 16 and g_spreeOptions flag 512 and not allow users to use !spreerecord you should NOT set this flag as it takes some extra resources. When XPSave flag 16 is set this doesn't matter (it actually takes much less resources then). When only g_spreeOptions flag 512 or shrubbot flag t is set it won't do much harm anyway (your server won't explode)
    2048	Enable revivesprees ([revive] blocks)

    Default: 0

Then make a *.pk3 file with right filenames of sounds:

Announcement Sounds

When announcements are enbaled on the server, the server admins may choose to install their own announcement sounds to replace the mod default ones or add missing sounds. Any of the following sounds can be installed by the admins:

Killing Spree
Wicked Sick
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Multi Kill
Ultra Kill
Monster Kill
First Blood

To replace any of the sounds, create a pk3 file with the mentioned path and sound file name. The replaced sound will be automatically played. The pk3 files are regular zips with only the zip ending changed with pk3.

Last step - upload your package to the silent folder on your server and restart the machine to make sure it will load new settings. Voilą!


File with sounds created by me, you can use it if you want:

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