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  10. Is it only silent mod that does that? I have noticed when I type it in the console, it doesnt all go through. But when I try and PM on my server, it all goes through.. but it isn't running silent mod.
  11. Check all of your logs. Sometimes they dont print out in the one you are looking at and they'll decide to print in another one. For instance, if you have a gamelog in both your etmain and silent folders, it'll print in one but not the other.
  12. Are you sure that the crash has to deal with your map rotation? Nothing shows up in the logs why it is doing that either?
  13. If you send a message to everyone in the clan (WF), then it will send it to you as well because you also are wearing those same tags. The PM will send to everyone that uses that. So if you type in /m wf* <message>, then you will get it as well.
  14. Update your server pb with etkey.org's download. I use to have the same issue.
  15. But it was running pb just fine for about a week. Everything was fine. Not sure what happened
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