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Danger Zones in silEnT mod

  • Have you ever wanted to let team mates know about the danger on the map in the way that is quick, easy and noticeable by your team mates without need of writing in the team chat or using TS?

    If so, then this short article is for you. Check what Danger Zones are in silEnT mod.

Danger Zones


With version 0.7.0 silEnT mod introduced new covert ops class ability.


This is the short introduction of this feature.


Danger zones are areas on the map that covert ops can mark on the command map and by this means notify his team members about some special (in general) danger in those places.

It can be of any type, like: arty, heavy defense fire, MG camper, or whatever players find dangerous for their team at that particular moment of game play.


To mark the danger zone look through binoculars and press left mouse button (attack key - whatever it is).




Danger zone is now marked:

mark Mod


Once the danger zone is marked by Covert Ops it starts to be visible on the compass and command map and lasts for 30 seconds.

Dz Cm Mod


By default each team can mark up to 2 danger zones. Admins can control this number by g_maxMarkers cvar.

In addition, if the command map is built, players are notified about entering and leaving the danger zones by sound, text notifications and Danger Zone HUD element.


Danger zone enter notification:

entered Mod


Danger zone leave notification:

left Mod


Danger zone HUD element is visible while player is inside the danger zone.


Danger Zones notifications, sound and leave notification can be controlled in the silEnT HUD UI menu.


Danger zones configuration menu:

full window2


Different locations:

HUD DZ 1 location 1 1440x900

HUD DZ 1 location 4 1440x900

HUD DZ 1 location 3 1440x900

HUD DZ 1 location 2 1440x900

HUD DZ 1 location 5 1440x900


Danger zone notification sound:

HUD DZ 2 1440x900


Danger zone leave notification:

HUD DZ 3 location 1440x900

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