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  1. Hello Everyone of MyGamingTalk! My name is Zee, but many people know me as Hatter. I have recently started a fairly nice gaming community that contains all kinds of Goodies just check out what we have to offer below! Lobby Services Modifications News Articles Themes Blogs Personal Member Galleries Live Video Game Streaming Create Custom Forums for your own Clans and much much more! I don't have a large fanbase at the moment, which is why I am here, but I do have some really dedicated and talented members on my site! More than half of the sites STAFF are very confident programmers and developers that have a passion for gaming, and we continue to keep people up to date with all the best things that the Playstation Network can offer! So please, if you have some time, check out my forum and make an account. You can even connect your Google /Twitter / Facebook and Steam Accounts to the site as well! Link Below PSN Collection!
  2. Welcome to the forums Hatter :)
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