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  1. I haven't got ETL installed but I can lend you our test server with a separate omnibot directory for a couple of days if that helps ?
  2. Hi Chris, I have two of these ? https://www.harryhomers.org/et/download/etmain/ruins23lite_fixed.pk3 12 meg this is one we use and https://www.harryhomers.org/et/download/etmain/ruins23.pk3 23 meg the original one Cheers. Mike.
  3. I thought they already could? on some maps it's the only way to get into some places, otherwise all you would do as a covert op is snipe and no swapping clothes. or have I got the wrong end of the question?
  4. Happy Birthday JohnDory!
  5. Happy Birthday JohnDory!
  6. have you tried !* as the flags for the owner ?
  7. we have ours set in silent/database/shrubbot.cfg once you've edited the cfg file and uploaded it again use the !readconfig to load it again with add on's in it.
  8. haven't seen it for quite awhile but when we did it was to do with the redirect and peoples connection to it, also people got stuck downloading from the server. we've got nq and silent on our servers at the moment but it happened on both in the past, working fine now.
  9. Happy Birthday JohnDory!
  10. Happy Birthday JohnDory!
  11. Happy Birthday JohnDory!
  12. what have you got set for g_hitsounds g_defaultHitSounds
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