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  1. what was the detoured function what do you mean by "detoured function"...what was the issue? I have never downloaded cheats in my life... I no longer get the bans since I reinstalled and downgraded my windows version... And one thing... you unbanned me from your server and invited me back, shouldnt you tell other silent servers to allow that since i did nothing wrong what so ever? Thank you.
  2. They haven't decided to take responsibility or even help me, They won't fix the bug and the 100 or so people that are banned now will stay banned unless owners of servers fix this bug!
  3. I am expecting a reply it has affected people more and more, the anti cheat is bugged, Etpub servers with anti cheat aren't banning me and etpro ac aren't banning me. I am expecting an unban or atleast a response on what the problem is. This is your fault and you need to take responsibility for your bugged anti-cheat! For Fuck sake! Admins are being banned on their own server! Trusted people! Fix IT! If I didn't get my point across, pm me!
  4. Hello, Today I am here to appeal/resolve 4 bans that I have recently received, Claiming:Auto ban due to technical evidence of cheats. I haven't downloaded cheats in the past or the present, I don't plan to tinker with this 14 yr old game. I am annoyed because there isn't very many servers that I am able to play, due to these bans. If I am the problem, tell me. Explain to me what I shall delete, I need an explanation asap. Another side note to add, This is a fresh computer, nothing besides Wolfenstein ET is downloaded, If one of the leaders can message me and help me resolve this issue. Please do Regards, *k.Getserved Alias:*k.Getserved I have a demo, I have before I am banned on a silent server... Bans: Silent mod old farts Iow clan no bots Rc recruiting no bots *Dri Noobs no bots.... I named the demo Banned for hax Because I knew I was going to be banned for hacks... Not using any hacks....
  5. Welcome to the forums *K.gEtSeRvEd :)
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