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  1. Information about WildMu: WildMu Website : www.wildmu.com WildMu Registrations: https://wildmu.com/registration WildMu Downloads: https://wildmu.com/downloads Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenMu-160104284016825/ Server Rates: Version: Season 12 EP 2 Experience: 9999999999999x Drops: 75% Bless Bug: Off Reset Lvl: 400 Max Level: 9999 Reset Zen: 0 mil Reset Points: Keep STATS! Points Per Level: 20 Wings 1,2,3,4 Level in Shop ! Maximum Stats: 62000 Max Resets: 999 Clear Inventory: No Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Server Features: Balanced PVP F.O Items/GodLike Items News Golden Invasion New Character: Grow Lancer New Maps New Skills New Muum Pets Spots in all Maps WebShop: On (buy using credits) Market: On (buy and sell system) Grand Reset: 2k credits reward Vote and Get Reward Support for Many Languages Online. Active Community. Commands in Game: /reset (Reset in Game) /addstr 32767 (Adding Strength Stats) /addagi 32767 (Adding Agility Stats) /addvit 32767 (Adding Vitality Stats) /addene 32767 (Adding Energy Stats) /addcmd (Add Points in Command) About US: Server made for true mu online max style fans, fast level ups (exp: x9999), fast resets, easy to get best gear, to start PVP and participate in guild wars and PVP events! Get maxed fast and to free mu online world from evil bosses which will bring best loot! If this settings interest you, this server is for YOU!
  2. -*Welcome to OpenMU*- Server Name: MuOpen Version: Season III Episode I Server is from: Bulgaria Server Website: www.openmu.com Forum Website: www.forum.openmu.net Experience: 99999x Item drop: 100% Monster HP: 100% Points per level: 20/30 Maximun Stats: 65000 Reset from the site Reset cost: 1,000,000 zen Maximum level: 999 Level for reset: 400 Points per reset: Keep stats Maximum reset: 999 Minimum level for delete Hero: 40 Minimum level for create Guild: 80 PK Clear: From the site PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder Clear Inventory: No Clear Spells: No Clear Stats: No Box of Kundun in shop +1+2+3+4+5 Game Server Server1: PVP Server Server2: NON-PVP SERVER *Opportunities For Success* Jewel Of Soul success: 100% Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100% Jewel Of Life success: 80% Item +10 success: 100% Item +11 success: 95% Item +12 success: 90% Item +13 success: 88% *Events* Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s) Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s) Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s) Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s) Red Dragon Event - every 3 hour(s) Illusion Temple Event - every 4 hour(s) NightMare/Kanturu Event - every 12 hour(s) CryWolf Event - every 6 hour(s) Erohim Invasion Event - every 4 hour(s) Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s) Skeleton King Attack Event - every hour(s) White Rabbit Event - every 5 hour(s) White Wizard Attack Event - every hour(s) Happy Hour Event - every 4 hour(s) Search And Destroy Event - every hour(s) Halloween Event - every 10 hour(s) Sky Event - every 4 hour(s) Hit And Up Event - every 2 hour(s) Blue Event - every 4 hour(s) *GM|Administrator Events* Drop Event Race Event Find Event PK Event Survivor Event Tournament Event Question Event "New Sets Accient Full Option and New Sword,Sphere, Accient Full Option" *Server Running since 2009* Come And Join US!!
  3. Welcome to the forums Cleudeff :)
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