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  1. Welcome to FadedGaming We are a gaming network with divisions for Arma 3, FiveM and much more. Registration is free and we never ask for money from any of our members. We strive to have a friendly, professional network for all of our players and we have systems in place to prevent abuse and inequality. Sub-Community Managers help the multiple divisions run almost independently of each other, to ensure a smooth experience for anyone who wants to play. The 24th Marines The 24th Marines is a semi-realistic milsim unit for Arma 3, based around the US. Marines. We have our own Arma Server, and Arma 3 Sync Repository with all our mods. We offer training to all Marines, covering everything from basic weapon handling to commanding a tank. Anyone, with any level of experience is welcome, and we will get you up and running as soon as possible. More information can be found on the forum. FiveM We have a private GTA V (FiveM) server where we do Police Roleplay. Anyone can join as a civilian, and you can apply to the Police Department on the forum for some Law Enforcement action. The FiveM server has a range of scripts running, to make being a Police Officer much more realistic. Join today at: FadedGaming TeamSpeak: ts.fadedgaming.org See you soon, Lt Col. Amhar S, SC Manager, FadedGaming
  2. Welcome to the forums Lt Col. Amhar S :)
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